Compare And Contrast French And American Revolutions

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France and America are two different countries that were ruled by different monarchs and both had a revolution. France and America both had a revolution based on economic, political and social problems. Both of the revolutions were fueled by people who didn’t agree with their government. The Americans on the British colonies did not like how the were being ruled by the British king and the people of the Third Estate were not happy with their monarch. The revolutions took place in different countries with different groups of people. Although the French and American revolutions may seem different they were more similar in that they were taxed for the same reason, wanted representation and wanted a constitutional government. The French and the American Revolutions were both sparked by unfair taxes and allocation of food in France. The colonists in America and people third Estate in France were taxed due to expenses from the Sevens Years …show more content…

With a constitution set in place governments cannot do things they are said to not be allowed to do that is in the constitution. When the Third Estate broke apart they started the National Assembly. The mission of the National Assembly was not to dismiss until a constitutional monarchy was established. This meant that they Third Estate would not stop fighting until they got a new government with a constitution. This mission of the American rebels fighting against the British was to make sure they had a government that gave them the consent to govern as well as representation. This was establish in the Articles of confederation the first constitution of the United States of America. Both of them wanted to make sure that they would not be taken advantage of again and a constitution would ensure that would not

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