Similarities Between French Revolution And American Revolution

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There were two Revolutions that are connected, The French Revolution and the American Revolution. The American Revolution came first, and the French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution. George Washington was one of the main leaders in the American revolution. He led the colonies and future United States to a victory over the British government. The leader of the French Revolution was Napoleon Bonaparte. He was a great leader and has a good strategy when it comes to war.
The American Revolution and the French Revolution have similar and different causes to their revolution. A cause of the American revolution was taxation without representation. Taxation without representation was when the government taxed the colonies without …show more content…

A goal of the French Revolution was that the third estate became eager to have an actual leader that would pay attention to their needs so they because the National Assembly and agreed on the tennis court oath. They also wanted to create a new government but king Louis XVI wouldn’t sign it off so the National Assembly got mad and they overthrew the bastille. The bastille was a jail where all the prisoners were being kept. The third estate created the Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen to express these goals. The goal of the American Revolution was to get away from the British government and be free. The Declaration of Independence was basically announcing them as not the thirteen colonies but as the first thirteen states of the U.S. The goals of both of these are different for a reason, because the French Revolution wanted a government and the American Revolution wanted to get away from their government. The revolutions were similar because they both wanted a different ruler and they both had absolute monarchs. They were also similar because they both had social inequalities which was basically if you were in a different social class you were treated differently. The French was influenced by the American Revolution because they saw how successful it was and thought it would work for them

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