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  • Republic Vs Oligarchal Republic

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    Republic Versus Oligarchal Republic Carthage and Rome had several similarities and several differences. Rome was a republic, electing its officials to rule over them and enforce the laws. Carthage was an oligarchal republic, with aristocrats being the only ones allowed to hold office. I will attempt to explain how each government worked and their differences. Rome was a republic. Republic is defined as "A government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised

  • Truth In Plato's The Republic

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    The mores that one is instilled with is a complex concept to which we do not give much thought to in a day to day basis. In Plato’s The Republic, Plato dives into the inner workings of justice and other moral matters through the voice of Socrates, who serves as a character to give the reader a distinct perspective in the narrative. Throughout the text, Plato touches on many issues in Ancient Greek society in order to create a utopist city. Along the agenda, Plato emphasizes the quarrel of the rudimentary

  • French Third Republic Controversy

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    French Second Republic lead to the rise of the French Third Republic. The beginning of the French Third Republic was occupied by Franco-Prussian War. As we discussed before, France had lost this fight to the Germans, who were lead by the Prussians. After this war the French Third Republic debated on whether or not to go back to a monarchy. The new government did not really have a shape until the French Constitutional Laws of 1875 were passed. After they were passed The French Third republic gained a senate

  • Third Republic Research Paper

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    the late 1800s, voting started in France. The Third Republic In the consequence of the Franco-Prussian War, France experienced a progression of emergencies. Somewhere around 1871 and 1914, France arrived at the midpoint of a change of government yearly. Twelve political gatherings vied for force. Not until 1875 could the National Assembly concur on another government. In the long run, the individuals voted to set up a republic. The Third Republic kept going more than 60 years. Still, France stayed

  • The Role Of Utopia In Plato's Republic

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    Plato’s work “Republic” where all the citizens lived in an ideal society with equal and pleasant conditions for everyone. Even though reading the work, some may

  • Star Wars: Old Republic Vs. New Republic

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    Old Republic vs. New Republic Many people may not realize, but the Star Wars universe is much larger than they think. There many books and games with many stories that are not told in the movies. These stories are spread out along the Star Wars timeline that dates from 13 billion years Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) to 139 years After the Battle of Yavin (ABY). There are two main time periods that divide the Star Wars timeline: the Old Republic and the New Republic. The Old Republic and the New

  • Dutch Republic Dbq Analysis

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    During the 17th century, the Dutch Republic became a prominent power in Europe. After the northern provinces of the Netherlands gained their independence from Spain in 1609, these provinces became known as the Dutch Republic, marking the beginning of their prosperity. Characterized by its flourishing trade and merchant class, the Dutch Republic soon became a key target for many powerful European nations like France and Britain. Therefore, it encountered constant warfare and struggled with economic

  • Ideal Leader In Republic And Machiavelli's Prince

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    focus of this essay will be on two of the most prominent pieces that have addressed the concept of the ideal leader and what one would look like. Plato’s Republic and Machiavelli’s Prince are among the most prominent pieces of literature in regards to political science and among the most important pieces of literature to have ever been written. Republic doesn’t focus solely on politics but rather on philosophical contemplation, but Plato still made some important observations regarding

  • Dominican Republic Geography

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    In 1916 the USA afraid that Germany might intervene in the Dominican Republic occupied the country. The American occupation lasted until 1924. Elections were then held and Horacio Vasquez became president of the Dominican Republic. However in 1930 Rafael Trujillo staged a coup and became a dictator. Trujillo ruled Dominican Republic for 31 years till he was assassinated in 1961. In 1962 elections were held and Juan Bosch led a new government. However in 1963 the army staged a coup. In 1965 the

  • Why Did Dreyfus Killed The Third Republic?

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    sense of nationalism, would not accept that. As a result they attempted to overthrow the government in the Commune of Paris. Eventually, they were suppressed by Adolphe Thiers when he came into power and formed the Third Republic. The Third Republic was a parliamentary republic that was very corrupt and unstable. Subsequently, it suffered from several scandals that led to the punishment of innocent people and overall suffering among the citizens of France.

  • The Greco-Roman Republic

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    Ever since the establishment of Roman republic in 509 B.C., there were significant changes in governments, society,and other facets; furthermore, these changes were still continuing when the Roman’s power started expanding into an empire under Augustus who was entitled imperator. As the state started growing, Roman’s cultural developed as well. They had learnt about the culture of Greeks which gave birth to the Greco-Roman civilization; thus the Greek and Roman heritages were combined; then, spread

  • Weimar Republic Oppositions

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    The Weimar Republic was formed during November of 1918 in result of the removal and exile of Wilhelm II following the first world war. This resulted in a gap in the German government and there was no apparent ruler to fill this gap. Therefore, the Germans had their first attempt to create a parliamentary democracy, this was in fact the Weimar Republic. It was inevitable that the Weimar Republic would face oppositions from the left and right wings, however it had slowly begun to overthrow these oppositions

  • History: The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

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    Democratic Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo was first settled by the the Bantus people during the 5th century. As the first expansion was coming to an end, they began an expansion of their own. They followed major river basins, and also southward and arrived at the border of the rainforest about as early as 900 BC. As the number of Bantu people increased, they formed their own kingdoms. By the early 1400’s, the most notable kingdom was the Kongo Empire. It was first founded

  • The Failure Of The Weimar Republic

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    The Weimar republic founded after the Kaisers abdication in 1918 (LINK) is believed by many to have been doomed to fail from its inception on the 9th November 1918. It is believed to have been doomed due to the economic, social, political factors present during its inception and reign as well as the very constitution it was hastily founded upon after the Kaisers abdication. These factors include the increased gaps between the classes, the budget constraints brought on by the war, the failing industry

  • Dominican Republic Research Paper

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    Dominican Republic’s Culture República Dominicana para siempre – Dominican Republic Forever! Dominican Republic has a very interesting culture. My grandparents and parents are natives of the Dominican Republic, which makes me the first generation that is American. This country is an island that is very mountainous. One of the neighboring countries is Haiti. There are many common cultural practices in this nation. Even though most of my family is from this country, we generally don’t follow the common

  • Dominican Republic Social Issues

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    Section 1: Dominican Republic Overview Geographic Description The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island located on a larger piece of land called Hispaniola. The tropical land takes up two-thirds of Hispaniola which equals out to be roughly 19,000 square miles, while its sister island, Haiti, takes up the rest. According to an article by world atlas, there are four significant mountain ranges. Lesser ranges cover the northern coastlines, and the southwestern border areas with Haiti (World Atlas)

  • Social Cleavages Of The Weimar Republic

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    From the table, we can how the chasms of the Weimar Republic were rooted in long lasting social cleavages of Europe. The Center vs. the Periphery and the break between the State and Church would create the first of the three political cleavages of the Weimar. This issues of national and minority religions, as well as the control of education, would help to create the political splits between the Protestants and the Catholics. Secondly the split between the owners and workers would help to create

  • Comparing Cicero's The Republic And The Constitution

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    wrote The Republic and The Laws shortly before the fall of the roman empire, which contained proposals to help fix the crumbling empire and outline justice within a democratic government. The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, unlike cicero's works, were written at the genesis of the United States. They, too, however, outline the basis for a just society, founded on written law, as opposed to its natural existence. Cicero’s The Republic and The Laws

  • Patrician Class In The Roman Republic

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    other does not and is constantly fighting for it. Well during the time of the Roman Republic, history repeats itself once again. During the time of the Roman Republic there were two economic classes that were constantly fighting for power and the right to have a say, those two classes were the Patricians and the Plebeians. The Patricians were “great landowners who became the ruling class in the Roman Republic.” (Spielvogel, 116) The Plebeians were “the class of Roman citizens that included nonpatrician

  • Slavery: The Birth Of The Roman Republic

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    The birth of the Roman Republic was 509 BCE. The Romans all had different social classes and rights, and they still did after the king got voted out and the Roman Republic started, which were two leaders who had rights to veto. There was a lot of common goods in Ancient Rome and public service was one of them. I gave public services an A. Since the Roman Republic was so big they needed a fresh supply of water. The Romans built stuff like roads, public baths, fire department, aqueducts, and