Compare And Contrast George Washington And Thomas Jefferson

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When comparing Sam Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, we can see that there are some similarities and differences between the men. Perhaps the most notable relation this group has, is that they were all formal presidents and had some type of power or ownership. The qualities of all four men are often seen as opposed to each other. One similarity for example, with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson was that they were prosperous Virginian plantation owners and held slaves. Jefferson and Adams were both well educated people and knew about the law. Washington would often learn and take on new tasks including mule breeding, hemp cultivation, and canal building. John and Sam Adams were also very significant characters in the movement towards American Independence. The politics between the two were closely related. Sam and John Adams were family related, because they were second cousins who had the same great-grandfather. According to text, John Adams was not as strong a speaker as Samuel was, however, John did gain a great …show more content…

These roles were important at the time, because the men involved eventually would bring us to freedom in America. I believe that the men are portrayed in the texts as being influential and intelligent. The texts portray them as people who have made an impact in our country, as they serve great value in our historical timeline. Though Jefferson and Adams both participated in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, it was unfortunate that they had both died 50 years before the day of the Second Continental Congress was approved in July 4, 1776. John Adams was also close to George Washington, and they would often spend time together as good friends. Adams greatly supported the fact that Washington wished to be the General of the Continental Army. Washington would defend Adams through a variety of letters and would often describe John as being high

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