Comparing Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson

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There was many differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson,they both had different ideas of how to run the country. Hamilton was a Federalist; he wanted the nation government to be strong , while Jefferson was a Democratic- Republic, he wanted the states to hold more power.(Competing Visions of Government: The Federalists vs. the Republicans) They both have different views in political issues and ideals for the country. Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong central government because he experienced the results of a weak central authority.(The Differences Between Hamilton & Jefferson's Views on Political Party Beliefs)On the other hand Thomas Jefferson wanted a weak central government because he thought that the threat of cruel …show more content…

Alexander wanted a nation that had a powerful government,military and an economic empire. Hamilton wanted the central government to hold more power than the people, he didn't think about the common people,he only thought about the wealthy people because they could help him with his goals.Alexander wanted to follow the footsteps of the British commercial business while Thomas Jefferson wanted to follow the footsteps of the French agricultural ways.Thomas wanted a nation where the people held more power than the central government,he wanted the people to be farmers,and he opposed a powerful military.(Keene, Cornell,O’Donnell P.156) He didn’t want the government to have too

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