Jefferson Vs Hamilton

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The year is 1789, and a boat docks in the Virginian harbor after a long journey back from France. As the passengers leave the ship, THOMAS JEFFERSON emerges from a cloud of dust, wearing a bright blue “I <3 FRANCE” T-shirt and blinding highlight. He welcomes himself back into America, now done with his job as the U.S. minister to France. He may have missed some time in the states, like the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, but he was informed and glad to be back. As he traveled home to his giant man cave, he reminisced over his past, specifically the death of his wife, Martha Jefferson. Following her death, Jefferson wildly embraced his new single status, eventually taking ownership of Sally Hemings, his slave and mistress. To all …show more content…

Hamilton was a hardcore federalist, while Jefferson favored the clearly right and virtuous way. Hamilton was always trying to pressure Jefferson into his side, which lead to fights in and out of the government. Once, in the boys bathroom of the Statehouse, Hamilton was hitting some Os off his juul. “Just take one hit you dumb Anti-Fed,” Hamilton screamed, “I have the mango peach pods imported from Georgia.” After returning from the boys bathroom, putting their messenger pigeons in the assigned number caddy, and signing back in on the sign in sheet, Hamilton and Jefferson engaged in a scathing battle of wits. Jefferson presented his golden points about the rights of states and how a republic would keep the fire of personal liberty and virtue alive. He favored strong state and local government with the dream of farmers being able to control their fate. He also believed a centralized government would just result in another in a problem similar to the one America had with Great Britain. Meanwhile, Hamilton just rambled on about having a strong, powerful federal government that would give the people more opportunities. Hamilton saw cities as the foundation for innovation, enlightenment, and more. Later on, in response to Hamilton’s Federalist Party, Jefferson co-founded the Democratic-Republican Party. The arguing just seemed to continue on and

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