Differences Between Jefferson And Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are two notable figures in American History. Both are considered Founding Fathers and both signed the Declaration of Independence, one of the most importantly documents in the history of America. They both fully agreed with what the Declaration had to say. Another important document was the Constitution. Unlike with the Declaration of Independence though, Jefferson and Hamilton had very different views about the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist which means that he supported the Constitution and what it had to say. He believed that the new America needed a strong, central government and a lot of order and less liberty to keep people from following their vicious passions. The strong central government would be having a president, and one bicameral legislature for the whole country. He did not trust that the people will do the right thing if they are given a ton of liberty. He said, “Take mankind as they are and what are they governed by? Their passions,” which Hamilton states his first quote are vicious. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson thought differently. He is an Antifederalist which means that he opposed the way that the Constitution was written. He only opposed parts of the Constitution though. He opposed the idea of a lot of the power being in …show more content…

America needs a strong, central government to function. Also, people are more drawn to what is wrong and pleases them than what is right and a central government is more able to control that. A central government could say that robbing is illegal for the whole country but, if America had separate state governments, each state would have to pass it one by one. That would make tons of criminals come to a state that did not pass that law yet. Order is also another super important thing that Alexander Hamilton talked about. You need order so people do not go astray and feel that they can do whatever they

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