Comparing Thomas Jefferson And Alexander Hamilton

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When it comes to Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton the main difference between the two was their political party. The basis of each of their political parties set the boundaries for their beliefs and their views as politicians. Both men were founding fathers of our country, and made a huge impact on history as we know it. Without these men, our country's government might not be what it is today.

One of the only similarities of Jefferson and Hamilton was their want to diminish national debt. Each one had their own view of how to do this, but it was a main goal of both politicians. Alexander Hamilton was a founding father and leader of the Federalist party. Hamilton wanted America to be just like Great Britain. He believed that in the best interest for the country, the government should be run by elite people with lots of money. Hamilton was The United States Secretary of Treasury, during this time, and proposed many of his reform ideas to Congress. He wanted the US to pay off their debt. By doing …show more content…

His goal was to make the ordinary man's voice be heard, and not be overshadowed by the wealthy class. He believed that class and status had no place in determining a person's leadership skills. Jefferson did not want America to become the next Great Britain. Unlike Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson wanted a stronger state government and more emphasis on the Constitution. He felt that agriculture should be the main focus of the nation. Under his leadership, The Whiskey Act was repealed, and the Alien Act along with the Sedition Act expired. When it came to the national debt, Jefferson said, “neither the representatives of a nation, nor the whole nation itself, assembled can validly engage debts beyond what they may pay in their own time....” He understood that in order to pay for war there would be the consequence of debt, but to cut down on that debt the number of federal employees could

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