Jefferson Vs Hamilton Dbq

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In the 1790s, there were two men who had different beliefs regarding how the United States should function. The two men were Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was the leader of the Republican party and Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist party. The political parties were created by Hamilton and Jefferson based on their differences in opinion on how the country should run. For example, Jefferson believed that the government should be self-governed and all of the power should go to the individual states. To the contrary, Hamilton believed that all the power should go to the federal government. Today in all elections, we have democratic beliefs and republican beliefs. It is discussed in (Document 4 ) that George Washington opposed the idea of different political parties because he thought two views would agitate the community, stir up riots, and start rebellions in our states. Therefore, Washington did not support the idea of two separate political beliefs. However, his beliefs were not accepted and instead different political parties were implemented and still exist today. In fact, the republican and democratic parties play a very important role in the political process. As it relates to Jefferson and Hamilton, in (Document 5), it explains that Jefferson did not think very …show more content…

Both men have made very significant accomplishments during their lifetime. Jefferson became the Vice President of the United States. This position caused problems because the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches were in favor of the Democratic party and Jefferson was in favor of the Republican party. Therefore, it was difficult for Jefferson to obtain support because everyone disagreed with his views and ideas. If Jefferson and Hamilton did not disagree, the United States could run more

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