Jefferson Vs Hamilton The Fears Of The Federalists

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Jefferson v. Hamilton There are many conflicts in the early years of the American politics. There are two famous political parties during the early years of American Independence, and their ideologies were completely opposite. Thomas Jefferson was the third American President from 1801-1809. Alexander Hamilton was the founder of Federalist party and President Washington elected him as a first secretary of the treasurer. Jefferson's democratic-republican party views are always contradictory to the Federalist party founded by Alexander Hamilton. Jefferson believes in small federal government and more powers to individual states, his policies are around people and they should rule the government. Jefferson always follows strict constitutional rules. Jefferson always believed the country economy will improve through the agriculture. Hamilton views are very contrasted to Jefferson's view. Hamilton believes in strong federal government and weak state governments. He also wants to favor rich people and insist on rich should rule the country and he has a loose interpretation of the constitution. Hamilton dreams towards country economy should …show more content…

Linda K. Kerber explains in her essay “The Fears of the Federalists” how Hamilton answers the questions about the industries replacing the workers because of large population in America are farmers. Hamilton basically talks about machines can replace the human hands that may cut the labor to a great extent. These machines can be operated by women and children because he says that was happening in Europe and people will immigrate to this country for manufacturing jobs. The huge problem in this country is woman, children, and labor that can be solved later with these industries. She also mentioned in her essay how the American people walked a strange tightrope between optimism and pessimism after the

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