How Did The Americans Support The Declaration Of Independence

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Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, was part of the Democratic Republicans, he sought to limit government and decentralize authority. Jefferson already served as vice president and even better, he knew how to manage the press as well as he always embrace the individual rights.
Like Jefferson, Republicans believe on strict constructionism, congress should allow very few implied power, so the government remain small. If it was not in the constitution, it should not be implied.
The First Barbary War (1801-1805), it was the first war between the Unites States and the Barbary State, the pirates captured merchants ships and enslave the crew. America was protected by France, but since the treaty ended, he was no longer a potential threat, in order to stop the constant problem with the pirates; the US paid a tribute of $1 million for the next 15 years. …show more content…

New Orleans was a port that controlled most of the economy of the US this port was found in the Louisiana Territory so Americans were talking about a future war was coming. Instead of a war, Jefferson sent James Monroe to France to help the American minister Robert Livingston in negotiating New Orleans, they got astonish when they discover that France was selling all 820,000 square miles to the United States for $15 million(4 cent the acre).Monroe signed the treaty and brought territory and peace to the nation, the thing was that this purchase from the Republicans was legally questionable, this was not in the constitution and their strict constructionism wouldn’t allowed, still Jefferson acquired

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