Hamilton/Jefferson Debates: Comparing Jefferson And Hamilton

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Hamilton/Jefferson Debate Project Part II Jefferson and Hamilton, they’re both great men of honor. It is, however, debatable that Hamilton is a more reasonable man than Jefferson. Hamilton had a better policy of regarding the role of the government. He had a more structured ideal for the nation than Jefferson. Hamilton thought more for the future, while Jefferson only thought of the common interests of the people. Hamilton believed that the rich and educated people should be the ones to govern/rule; whereas Jefferson, he had this deep faith in the common people. The rich and educated, they have sufficient experience to govern people. They were basically raised to take charge and give orders. As for the common people, they had zero experience in this type field. It’s unarguable that the common people are the backbone of the nation, but most of their knowledge is based around the actual field. They know how to take care of crops and plants yet they know little to nothing about governing people. Also, Hamilton believed that the common people can sometimes act in a foolish and immature way. He saw how selfish people were and how they placed their own interests over their patriotism. He feared that giving people too much power would only result in an anarchy. Therefore he wanted a …show more content…

They both contributed to the bringing up of today’s nation. However, they had different opinions and different ideas. Hamilton was way more involved in the structuring of the constitution and settling up the government than Jefferson. Even though he supported a strong executive, he understood the value of the balance of power. It should be taken into consideration that Jefferson was a slave holder and promoted that freed slaves should leave the country because they wouldn’t fit into our society. Hamilton nonetheless, had a much more progressive view of who the “people” were than

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