The Revolutionary Era Crossroads Of Freedom Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 5 “The Revolutionary Era: Crossroads of Freedom,” This chapter focuses on Revolutionary era and the war between Britain and the colonies. It shed light on the lives of the African Americans during the war and the decisions they made to fight with or against the colonies they were enslaved in. The first important topic is about Thomas Peters fight to get his freedom. Thomas Peters was a young man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He was sold form one owner to another. He was sold to a colonist named William Campbell who lived on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina. There he learned the trade of millwright. There were constant clashes between the British and the colonists and rumors began spread about a slave revolution planned for July. The British encouraged the …show more content…

As a young girl she was frail in health and very intelligent. Phillis learned to speak English and read the Bible and religious writing with fluency. At the age of thirteen, her first poem was published. She was the first African American slave to publish a book of poems on various subjects. This is important because although she was bought as a servant her owner noticed her frail health and high intelligence and did not uses her as a slave, instead, encouraged her to pursue her intellectual desire. The third important topic is the African American and the American Revolution. During the Revolutionary War many slaved crossed to the British side while others contemplated whether or not they should stick with the American in hope of being looked at as being faithful. Some ponder the idea of just looking the other way until the storm clears. Ultimately, the driving force for their decision was the hope for freedom. This is important because even though the slaves longed for their freedom, being unsure of the future made some of them ponder idea of jumping

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