Chain And Emancipation Proclamation Analysis

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this new law that was put into play. They mentally examined some of the new free slaves and figured out that the two main things that they needed improvement on were education and independence. Due to the fact that the white people really didn’t want educated slaves, but just pure obedient workers, made the slaves fall behind on education. The reason I think they said independence is because due to having a boss or plantation owner running the show and telling the slaves what to do for so long, I believe that some of the slaves lost their way of independence and got so accustom to taking orders from a higher authority. It is sad to see a person be so used to being downgraded and looked at as more or an animal and less of an educated individual. …show more content…

The sculpture standing on top of a small looking table may symbolize the feeling of finally being on top rather than being at the bottom. The massive crowds that were drawn to this sculpture, in my opinion, came because they wouldn’t believe it was true without seeing it for themselves. The sculpture made a specific spot into a place where African Americans could come to and remind their selves that they were free and that they could do what they have always dreamed of doing. By this time in the late 1800s, it looked like slavery was starting to disappear and racial equality was starting to look different than once before. All these primary sources coming together make a very descriptive story of the rise and fall of slavery. The sources really grasp the ideas of what was really going on throughout the 1800s and how it progressed rapidly and how it declined eventually. The life of a slave or African American in this time period was a brutal one. The primary sources depict everything that a slave might have gone through during his or her life as a obedient worker. It gave me as the audience a very vivid picture of what they saw during their

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