Memoir From An Indentured Servant

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Courtney Slattery
Primary Source Assignment 1
American History
January 26, 2016
Primary Source Analysis Assignment 1

1. This type of document that I chose is a memoir from an indentured servant.
2. The author of this document is William Moraley. It was created in 1743 while he served time in the New World as an indentured servant. It was found in The Infortunate: The Voyages and Adventures of William Moraley, and Indentured Servant.
3. Yes, this source is a first-hand account. This document was written the same time it was happening. William Moraley wrote this because he expericed this situation personally first-hand. This document is a letter talking about William being an indentured servant in the New World. He tells stories that he …show more content…

I think one important piece of information in this source is talking about how he traveled hundreds of miles at no cost. How meat and drink was bestowed to him by all the subjects of Great Britain. William says Britain people try to out do one another in good nature and charity. He believes the new world is a poor mans country. Another important piece of information in this source of information is talking about how the New World produces not only almost every fruit, herb, and root in Great Britain it produces unknown items such as barley made for beer.
8. One thing William talks about during this time period is life as a servant. The author uses great details and really describes how the life of being a slave was in this time period. He talks about how all the servants sleep together and how his master treats him after he was released from prison. The second thing William talks about is how butter is very good but is expensive. Butchers meat, particularly pork, is cheaper than other meat this shows how some stuff was expensive or non-expensive in this time period.
9. The main theme represented in this source would be slavery. I think this because William talks about how the life of an indentured slave was and how African American slaves were treated through out this time

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