Sunrise Over Fallujah

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My historical novel is titled Sunrise over Fallujah. The Author 's name is Walter Dean Myers. This book is a sequel to his earlier book Fallen Angels. This book centers on Robin “Birdy” Perry and his new life joining the United States army. Robin is from Harlem, NY and was living a normal life until the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He felt as if he was obligated to serve in the military to defend his home and his country. His father was outraged and was against it but his uncle understands his decision to wants him to defend the country. His father has no choice but to respect his decision even though he doesn’t like it. On the plane going to the U.S. military base in Doha, he meets a few of his fellow soldiers. They all have conversations about …show more content…

Early in the book he has a rivalry with a fellow New Yorker named Marla Kennedy from Long Island. She says very direct racial slurs because she has a past with certain black people. He also meets Corporal Charlie Jones aka Jonesy from Stone Mountain, Georgia. He is a very colorful person. He insists that everyone calls him jonesy so he knows that they are watching his back. He has aspirations to own his own blues bar. He claims he only joined the army so he can have a muse for his blues song. Birdy continues his rivalry with Marla. They argue about guns and other petty things that she would pick at him for. They each had their own way of doing things but they began to be a family. All of the soldiers there engaged in wartime propaganda, meaning they would talk about how the war was going to blow over. But little did they know that the war had just begun. They had watched films and studied Saddam Hussein. They learned a lot about different types of Muslims and the his unit felt that there was going to be a lot of tension between them and the 3rdinfantry guys which was mostly marines and special ops …show more content…

This is the first real thing that he has to face. He goes into the school the children that are sick and one of them dies. He and his team have to go to the morgue to take the kids. On their way theregoing inside they have to battle insurgents. They go in and one of the rebels attacks Marla so birdy puts him down and they take the children inside. The unit has more combat and more struggles with the Iraqi people. Birdy continued to write letters to his father but he didn’t respond. He wrote to his uncle Richie instead. They talked about how gruesome and mind boggling war was. They could both agree that the hellish experiences they had in their perspective wars had been too much for one person to handle. They found themselves asking what God in his right mind would allow that type of carnage on his green earth. The unit found themselves engulfed in heated discussions about race, sexism, misogyny and politics from different points of view. Whether it is from man, woman, black, white, or Latino they always fought about something remotely irrelevant to the topic at hand. During the story, the unit gets a card called rules of engagement. They explain the difference in “happy shooting” and actually battle shooting. Birdy says that his family won’t understand it and he doesn’t either. They’re fighting an enemy that they can’t identify because of the two

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