Summary Of Sunrise Over Fallujah By Walter Dean Myers

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Walter Dean Myers dropped out of school at the age of 15, due to family problems. He loved school, and he loved literature. Being unconnected to the world of learning, and becoming tired of not being able to read, he decided to visit the public library. Until he could no longer bear the fact that he was not getting an education(his one and only dream), he silently cried in his bedroom every night. He needed help and seeked attention from others until one day, a “do-good” counselor called his house and got him put back into the school system. Although he was very thankful for her kindness, he could not thank her, for he knew he was going to have to drop out again to help out at home. At the age of sixteen, Myers had dropped out of school again and joined a gang. He got into all kinds of trouble, and although he didn’t like it, he continued to do bad things until his parents sent him off into the army at the age of seventeen. The army, his awful home life, tons of research, and his love for writing literature inspired him to write this novel. Sunrise Over Fallujah contains many exciting elements and draws the reader in, however it can be found boring at some times.

In the book Sunrise Over Fallujah, Myers does an excellent job of describing the scenes and really making the book come to life, along with describing the characters in a way that makes me able to relate …show more content…

For example, Irony. At the end of the book, one of the blind kids was crying and was pushing his hands in front of his face. Jonesy risked his life to save the blind child and ends up with a bullet submerged into the upper half of his body. Ambiguity is also used frequently throughout the novel. Through Birdy’s eyes, you can never tell the difference between friend and enemy. It seems that everybody wants wants you gone. The ending of the novel does not necessarily leave you in suspense, but it does come to somewhat of an abrupt

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