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Critical Review Military Fraud: The Myth of Automatic Virtue The short story by Steve Gillman was written on the bases of his personal beliefs on the praises military received from just by joining. He starts the essay with a short paragraph saying “It is about cultural mythology that has been created in the United States, which makes all soldiers into “heroes” (Gillman 679). The most important part of this quote was that by reading it the readers would understood that he was clearly against that all soldiers where no heroes. Gillman later supports the quote with some facts later in the essay. Although, the author gave a strong thesis the next paragraph was given with a true story headline. This headline was a persuasive way to get readers…show more content…
He used the war as a tool without even stating that he was talking about the war. But the mere fact each one of us was a part of this war against terrorist was later to be found pointless and we used killing others to try to heal the wounds and be peaceful. In fact, in the essay he wrote “young men dying for no good reason” (Gillman 680) informing the reader that that particular soldier could have only wanted to get his college tuition paid for. Because, he only wanted to get his college paid for and he was randomly killed by a stray bullet make him a…show more content…
The praises that you receive shouldn’t be based on the mere fact that you join but maybe for those who actually wants to serve and protect. In contrast, he says “Make that choice without looking back to see the cheering faces of those who tell you your duty is to do what they are not doing for purposes you may not know nor share” (Gillman 680). None the less, the author let the reader know that these young men and women risk their own lives for purposes which may not be of any value to themselves or the country. As a result, those purposes doesn’t deserve the praises that are

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