Why I Want To Join The Military Essay

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Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I always had a dream of joining the military. Though it was a choice, I still did not have any inside information of what it would be like, and the requirements and specifics of the Army. It wasn't until 2005 when I decided to join the United States Army that all my concerns and questions were answered by a recruit; and I was guided through the whole process to enter and prep for the Army. If it was not for the confidences and motivation of my recruiter back in 2005, I might have not made my leap and probably would not be in this uniform today. Becoming a member of the United States Army recruiting team means having a physical and mental toughness in order to perform efficiently. It is the dedication …show more content…

I believe that our fighting forces need strong minded individuals who are driven and determined to always strive for the Army to stay relevant and strong. Consequently, the recruiter duty is to recruit those who are passionate with a strong desire and pride to serve the nation. A sense of pride in which does not feel like you are doing a job, but honor to be in the Army’s uniform. As a combat veteran who have deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times, I have the capability due to taught persistence, determination, organization and built stamina from past experiences, to be an admirable recruiter. Being out in combat have shown me the kind of heart within a person the Army need, the kind of fight within an individual that the army need, and the characteristics in which makes up a US Army personnel. Along with being deployed some of my learned skills were acquired when I was assigned as a Fury FSC retention NCO two years ago, and my job was to educate soldiers about what they qualified for and other entitlements. Even though the soldier already knew the skills needed in the Army and had knowledge of the Army, I still had to persuade individuals to why they should reenlist. This required some craftiness on my part as some of these soldiers needed to hear something that they haven't heard

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