Army Personal Statement

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In this era, we have one of the greatest phenomena humanity has experienced with programmable computers and automation. Who can say what it means for our future? As an optimist, I think it means we will move ever closer to a near-utopian future in which our ideas are no longer limited by the things which are expensive or things which require human hours, the most valuable resource of society. In such a future more of our time can be spent on pursuing personal interests, creating new innovation, and converting processes which hurt our planet into processes which support, supplement and help heal our damaged natural resources.
In order to achieve this future, I believe we need to be aware not only of what we’re up against but also how to work with what we’ve been afforded. As a society and as a government we should embrace automation and support its continual evolution while finding the best way for humanity to flourish as a result. As individuals, we need to be diligent and persevering in our whatever our endeavors are, as …show more content…

Army Reserve. I wondered if I was the type of person who should join the organization which demands absolute best performance from its members. I constantly reminded myself of the short training period -- only 9 weeks for the initial portion – and I was unable to do a single proper push-up. I ultimately made the decision to join on the idea that I would give it the absolute best effort I possibly could. Even if I didn’t successfully make it through, I could always be proud of my attempt, and I would be healthier for it. After successfully completeing the training and exceeding all requirements by some margin, and becoming a squad leader to my peers along the way, I learned our bodies and mental fortitude are a surprisingly capable thing limited only by what we believe to be possible from

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