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  • Graduation Speech: The Future In The Future

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    The clock will still tick. For many people, the future seems scary since you never know what will happen out in the world. Today I am going to tell you that even with the challenges and roadblocks we face, the future is not as scary as we might think. In these following paragraphs, I will talk about how in the future we will have the ability to make self-driving vehicles, Africa self-sufficient, renewable energy cost less than non-renewable energy, and even make a drug that can help people with autism

  • Back To The Future

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    Back to the Future is a wonderful work of art directed by Robert Zemeckis and composer Alan Silvestri. The movie is based on the main character Marty Mcfly who accidentally gets sent back 30 years in the past on a time traveling DeLorean. Marty faces many challenges as he accidently changes the future by stopping his parents from ever going to the enchantment under the sea dance; where their relationship had initially been formed. Thirty year old younger Doctor Emmet Brown, the inventor of the time

  • Back To The Future

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    Back to the Future: Truth or fiction COLSON JONES Drones, hands free games, and The Maim Marlins. These are just a few predictions that Back To the Future foretold corrected. Back to the Future Part II was set on October 21, 2015 . The total amount of predictions Robert Zemeckis, The director of Back to the Future Part II, foretold was outstanding. Some of these grand ideas happened and some didn't. Recreation Hover boards -NO. I have dreamed of riding a hover board down my road. Marty McFly

  • Back To The Future Analysis

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    Back to the Future: Truth or fiction COLSON JONES Drones, hands free games, and The Maim Marlins. These are just a few things that Back To the Future predicted corrected. Back to the Future Part II was set on October 21, 2015 . The total amount of things Robert Zemeckis, The director of Back to the Future Part II, Predicted was outstanding. Some of these grand ideas happened and some didn't. Recreation Hover boards -NO. I have dreamed of riding a hover board down my road. Marty McFly, the protagonist

  • Back To The Future Analysis

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    Ben Slingo Mr. Mahler Heroes and Monsters 26 October 2015 Back to the Future: What Values is it Trying to Teach Through the Transformation of Marty? In Back to the Future there are multiple themes, and values that it seems to be attempting to show through Marty’s transformation as hero. A few values that are in the film are no one is bulletproof people will need help to get through the certain situation(s) of their weakness(es). There is no denying the fact that no person can do everything; it seems

  • Essay About The Future In Bradbury

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    do you believe the future will be like? Let's take a look into the future, and prove how it wouldn't be as good as we think it would be. In Bradbury's short stories, he uses his idea of the future to inform the reader on how technology could be a bad thing. He goes into extensive detail on how technology has flaws, how it can negatively affect us, and how it could be advancing too far one way yet not enough in the other. With that being said, what does he think the future will be like? To answer

  • The Influence Of Technology On Back To The Future

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    (Back) came to the future. When they made it to the future, there were some things that the movie portrayed, and seemingly predicted, regarding the innovations we would have as of October 21st 2015. Even as the date comes and passes, we are still making innovations and other such luxuries that were in the film. Did the people who made Back to the Future have an influence on the technology that we have today, or is it just the advancement of technology? What did Back to the Future Part II predict

  • College Admissions Essay: The Future

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    The Future. It’s a dark and unknown figment of the imagination, at least until someone is staring it right in the eye about to take it on head first. Many people go about their future in this way: just jumping in without any solid plan and hoping for the best. I, on the other hand, have been lucky enough to have a somewhat solid grasp on what I want my future to look like. Furthermore, after spending two weeks of my summer at an architecture camp at Ball State University, that grasp has become even

  • Future Of Jane In Evelyn Lau's The Apartments

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    The Love and Future of Jane in Evelyn Lau’s “The Apartments” Evelyn Lau’s “The Apartments”, written in 1993, resembles her personal experiences as a Chinese runaway in the 1980s era of Vancouver, British Columbia. Although written as fictional, Jane’s imagery and situation may very well be inspired by Lau’s personal experiences working as a prostitute and includes historical and cultural context. Through Jane’s narration, references, and mentality, the short story puts emphasis on a generalized perception

  • Why Do Futurists Do In The Future?

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    in, your playlist begins to play through your surround sound system. With all the technology we have today and will gain in the future, all of this will be possible- including so much more. People who study or make thoughts and predictions about the future are called Futurists. Futurists spend most of their time studying what life on Earth will be like in the future, like homes, jobs, nature, education, and more. They try and figure out all the things that could happen to our world as the years

  • The Future In Charles E. Finch's 'The Cog'

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    The future. Human nature doesn't now what will happen. But the man that shows us this is Charles E. Finch, writer of The Cog, he illuminates in the reader's eyes that they should expect the unexpected in the near future. Although some people may argue that when they plan for the future they will have a better life, but everyone has to watch out for the bumps that life can bring you. When people travel travel through life they hit road bumps that cause a goal in their life unachievable.

  • What Is Our Big Bet For The Future

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    “Our Big Bet for the Future” was the 2015 annual letter written by Bill and Melinda Gates. In this letter, they describe the bet they made which was to better the lives of poor people at a faster rate than ever before. They plan on doing this by setting certain goals, or “breakthroughs” as they called them, which include eliminating certain diseases from the planet permanently and introducing “mobile banking” to people in Africa. These goals are certainly ambitious and progressive, but are they achievable

  • Compare And Contrast Essay About America's Future

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    world around us.” With that in mind, when asked about how I see America’s future, I can only say that it's unpredictable. We as people don’t have that true wisdom that its requires to predict, or see the future. So many changes have happened in the few years I’ve been alive, which give me enough reason to say America’s future is so unpredictable. If I were to base my thoughts on how far my imagination sees America’s future, it would be much simpler and more peaceful. My futuristic picture would

  • Safe Cell Inc.: Past, Present, And Future

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    The future plans for Safe Cell Inc. will be based on being able to efficiently and effectively forecast trends for our particular industry, and adequately be able to understand our market and decipher which elements are causing shifts in our customers' tastes or needs. Our strategic forecast will first define the goals for our company. Three main objectives will be set forth in regards to future planning for Safe Cell Inc. which include, targeting the amount of market share we would like to capture

  • Four Futures: Life After Capitalism Summary

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    Four Futures: Life After Capitalism by Peter Frase touches on four futures we could see in our near future. Although we are rapidly moving away from industrial capitalism, there is a little chance we’ll move back in that direction. But the direction we moving into has an uncertain future. The two factors that control the future we could enter are automation and climate change. The automation factor includes moving into a world where technology takes over human muscle. The climate change factor has

  • Summary Of Leigh Stein's 'Dispatch From The Future'

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    Leigh Stein “Dispatch from the Future” gives her perceptions of how the generation is now and how we see it. The themes in this book includes elements from memories, mythology, as well as pop-culture. She supports her perception mostly through strong imagery throughout the book to show ours and her experiences of growing up in a world and the struggles that come along with life. The poems are very universal and it allows the readers to connect with them. It is very relatable and it can be used to

  • Future In Don Bailey's A Few Notes For Orpheus

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    The concept of future can be imperceptible. It is forged by our present and untouchable past of our life. Relationships can be maintained if built on the foundation of strong undisputed past. Yet, if built upon the uncertainty of past they come crumbling down. Ignorance and selfishness starts to blossom in our veins. However, those relationships can still be resurrected on the shifting sands of uncertainty if we decide to reflect upon our mistake. Past can’t be altered, yet reflecting on it and making

  • Future Trends In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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    The future. Although we may not know what is going to happen, we can predict some things that will happen. For example, we can predict the fashion trend for the next year by looking at current trends. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the setting is in the future, in which we see some of the technologies used that can oftentimes be related to the technologies of today. We also see the way society is and how that relates to present day.     When Ray Bradbury tells us about his predictions from the

  • American History Helps Us To Have A Better Future

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    us with the hope of a better future. Majority of the history studied today can be used by leaders as an example of what to do and what not to do. According to The Complete University Guide, “everything which is happening around us has been influenced by, and is a direct result of, that which preceded it.” Because there is always one major event that leads to each and every American tragedy or crisis we can be better prepared for the prevention of tragedies in the future. The history in which study

  • Using Historic Soccer Statistics To Predict The Future Essay

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    Soccer Statistics To Predict Future Winners Using historic data to predict the future is not a new thing. It has been a mainstay of the stock market for years. Market analysts look at how a company’s stock price has done over a series of months and years, and they make a prediction on future growth based on that data. Bookies do a similar thing in order to set their odds and prices because examining historic statistics helps them predict what may happen in the future. You are now able to do the same