Artificial Intelligence And Its Effect On The Workforce

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Artificial Intelligence and its effect on the workforce Artificial intelligence(AI) is a recent reality of technological advancement affecting human society. To analyze its effect on the workforce we will look back in history for technological disruptions and how they affected the workforce and compare and contrast to the way AI is currently impacting and will continue impacting the human workforce and other aspects of human society such as economics, politics and the general environment. History Throughout history technological advancement has affected human society in its ways of living, working and its environment. It has eliminated entire classes of jobs, while creating new and more skilled ones to replace them. Yet, AI stands to disrupt that natural evolution by eliminating jobs while not creating new ones to replace them. Main events causing technological unemployment throughout history: • The invention of the wheel(pre 16th century) • Knitting machine(16th to 18th centuries) • Weaving looms(19th century) • The invention of the car(Late 19th century) • Assembly line automation machines(Early 20th century) • Information Technology(Late 20th century) • Physical to Virtual Data Storage(Late 20th century) Automation of tasks through software has increasingly taken care of numerous administrative and manually handled tasks in the workplace for the past 20-30 years. This can be seen in t Effects seen in Workforce: • Less agricultural employees • Less assembly line workers
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