You Ve Been Unplugged Analysis

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Robots haven’t just inherited a spot in the workforce—they’re showing exceptional productivity, expanding skills, and broadcasting their human counterparts. In recent years, with the engagement of manual labor so high, Americans during the Industrial Revolution had no choice but to deal with long, hard work hours while still dealing with their barbarous conditions. As time goes by, we have witnessed many robotic and mechanical devices replace jobs that were done by people. The question of the matter is whether our jobs are safe or will robots soon snatch jobs away from humans completely? The demand for artificial intelligence is rapidly overshadowing the time consumption and work hours that was once satisfied by the duties of human labor. This idea is magnified in Gabrielle Jonas’s article, “You’ve Been Unplugged,” in which she believes the rise of artificial intelligence will “deplete the…show more content…
Using this to continue to support her claim, Jonas asserts that “doctors, lawyers, and accountants are next in line.” The progression of artificial intelligence is not only allowing roots to obtain human attributes, but they are also being designed to analyze and make judgement. Later throughout her article, she creates a counterargument where she promulgates the fact that the advancement of these robots may takeover technical jobs but they will help form the development of more “creative fields.” Her switch of angle shows that she believes humans could now be free from laborious
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