A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Big Question By Patrick Lin

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As society continues to develop and makes new plans, technology in today’s world is starting to raise some questions. Patrick Lin, is a philosopher and director of the ethics emerging group at the state University in California. With the help of the university Patrick Lin wrote an essay called The Big Question: in his essay, he talks about the technologies and ideas in which many people seem to overlook today. In hopes of raising awareness about the upcoming industrial revolution of robotics. the changing of the world around us is already underway. All though Patrick lins carrier field specializes in polytechnics his choice in words of how new technology is affecting us is eye opening. In one of the essays he wrote in 2012, he talks about “the …show more content…

People today can already see the social impacts that technology has had on there lives today, when comparing them to 5 to 10 years ago. Engineers and scientist are already trying to figure how to program our laws into robots and make them as safe as possible to be around humans. But with programmers trying to make robots as humanly possibly it does make you question and rethink yourself as to what direction is technology heading towards. The aspects of this essay brings up not just the currents issues but also further issues that we may have over natural resources. To build more technology, you need more minerals and much of today’s minerals are controlled by foreign countries. Patrick lin makes the reader think and analyze the possible outcome of the robotic industry. As stated in the essay “With the new development of robotics, it almost makes you do some soul searching on what really makes us human.” His humorous idea about robots overthrowing the world is funny, but, when you think about in a real standpoint and how technology is being made to have a mind of its own, it’s not a far-fetched

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