Catch That Rabbit Analysis

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Robots Are Destroying Our Minds In discussions of artificial intelligence, one controversial issue has been whether or not robots are safe or dangerous. On one hand, Isaac Asimov’s short stories from I, Robot, can give an impression that robots are innocent by mentioning the Three Laws of Robots. On the other hand, the Frankenstein Complex dominates Asimov 's short stories and shows that robots can still be threatening. In Isaac Asimov’s short stories, “Robbie” and “Catch that Rabbit”, whenever a robot seemed to be a threat to humans, Asimov defends the robots by mentioning that it can not harm a person under any circumstance due to the Three Laws. However, if one takes a deeper look into the two stories and gets insight about the internal…show more content…
In “Catch That Rabbit”, Asimov writes, “U. S. Robots had to get the bugs out of the multiple robots, and there were plenty of bugs, and there are always at least half a dozen bugs left for the field-testing. So they waited and relaxed until the drawing-board men and the slide-rule boys had said “OK!” ”(48). The U.S. Robots in this story have been doing all the heavy duty work for Mike Donovan and Gregory Powell while the two just sit and watch the robots do their work. This shows that robots have become so advanced to the point that they can take over jobs. Even though the story portrays the main robot, Dave, to be concerned about his behavior for not functioning properly and is not harming Mike and Gregory, Dave is still destroying them because he gave Mike and Gregory an option to be unproductive and…show more content…
Since Harmony can’t comprehend words and actions like humans, men will misuse her because they won’t face any consequences. Men would be given the power to perform inappropriate actions on Harmony, and since they can’t experience what they want to feel with real women, men will go to Harmony. Treating a robot in an inappropriate matter is just the same as treating a real life woman inappropriately because the person committing the wrong, at the end of the day, has bad intentions of treating women, however when a man is misusing a robot, he won’t be punished for his crime. This ultimately leads to damaging humans because mistreating robots will make humans impulsive to mistreat humans
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