Tasha Amato Biography

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“Boot camp itself is an experience. If you can get through two weeks of boot camp, hell you can get through anything in life. Enlisting in the military was one of the biggest adult decisions I had ever made. The military taught me a lot and I met a lot of great people.” stated Tasha Amato. Tasha was describing the life she had while she was in the military and the different experiences that she encountered while she was there. She enlisted into the military right after she had graduated from Reading High due to wanting money to go to college, she then enlisted in the army reserves. Tasha grew up in New York City, at the age of thirteen, she moved to Reading, Pennsylvania, she graduated from Reading High as prom queen in 1995. While…show more content…
While she was in the military many things that she was taught and were drilled into her she “still carries today”. Tasha stated, “There is no fun things about Bootcamp, but meeting new people, meeting people from all over the country was enjoyable.” Although there was nothing “enjoyable” about boot camp she met new people that have made a great deal of impacts on her life today. She had learned many routines that she had to pick up closely that she ended up doing everyday. For example, she had to get used to the ten-mile marches that she had to do almost weekly and sometimes daily, with a fifty-pound rucksack on her back, and she never stopped even if she was injured she suffered through the pain and kept going. “My foot fell into a trench hole and I sprained my ankle really bad, but i had to still walk on it because we were doing a ten-mile walk thing with a fifty-pound rucksack on my back.” She also had to get used to her favorite and least favorite drill sergeants, “Drill sergeant Fleming was my least favorite she was...rotten, just rotten.” Although she had a mix of positive and negative experiences in the military each and every one of them have impacted her life immensely and still are. Making the decision, to go into the military was one of “the biggest” decisions Tasha has ever made, not only was it the biggest decisions she had to make
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