Graduation Essays

  • Graduation Speech: Fahrenheit In Laredo

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    Good afternoon members of the Board of Trustees, Dean of College, faculty, staff, families, guests, and my fellow graduates. It is a blessing and an honor to stand before you today as respondent of the Class of 2015. Yet, today is not only my day to shine. This is our moment, made possible by the immense sacrifice and effort made by our families and friends. All of which has allowed us to persevere and reach this milestone in our lives. Perseverance, a strong word and an ethos, that has dictated

  • Graduation Day Maya Angelou Summary

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    Self-Identity In Maya Angelou’s narrative, “Graduation Day,” she conveys the oppressive reality of life in the South by sharing an experience in which words influenced her character. Angelou recounts the words of her community on the day of her graduation as uplifting and hopeful for the graduates’ futures. When Mr. Donleavy, a white speaker, arrives he delivers a speech to the graduates informing them about the forthcoming educational improvements to their school and the Central High School, an

  • 8th Grade Graduation Speech

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    Our most appreciated administrators and teachers, dear parents, adored friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant morning to you. It is a great privilege for me to be standing here in front of you to express the happiness that we feel in our hearts today. I am Amal a student who has been going to AIS for 8 years now. They say “Today we learn, tomorrow we lead”. That’s true those three years made a difference. Those 3 years will be a step to the future, a step closer to our goal. We do

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Alex Smith's Graduation Speech

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    going to take a rhetorical analysis look at it. I’ll take a deeper look into what Smith said, and why he said it that way. The graduation speech was meant to be inspirational for the graduates and others attending the ceremony. It was also intended to congratulate them on their accomplishments. Using metaphors, a humorous and inspirational tone, Alex Smith’s “Graduation Speech” gives his audience “3 prescriptions” on how to live a great life. Alex Smith uses metaphors throughout his speech. Smith

  • State High School Graduation Essay

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    Good evening to all my fellow peers, teachers, family, friends & the general community. I’d like to welcome you all to the Marsden State High school graduation ceremony of 2014. My name is Patrick Oboma and I'm more than honoured to have been selected to give this years valedictorian speech. My philosophy in life is to "See great things, be grateful, and achieve greatness." Body 1: While being a student at State High, I went through many ups and downs. I have met people who brought me up and people

  • Graduation Of Magan Wild: Personal Narrative

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    Graduation “Molly Wild… Megan Wild… Monica Wild… Maria Wild…Congratulations, you have all passed with a grade point average of 4.9 or in Megan’s case 4.95 (Ha ha ha!) Well keep up the good work and I promise you will ALL go far in your Adulthood.“Landon Dailey, Dylan Dailey,& Kyle Dailey…”“I can’t believe we’re finally going to college!! We made it…(I MADE IT!!)” Molly said under her breath. All of the girls of the Wild family had plans to escape their big city of London, England, to go their separate

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Ed Helms's Graduation Speech

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    effectively most of them use rhetorical enhances communications and presentation skills. Rhetoric is an ancient art which started in Greece but it is still use it now day in speeches on different situations. There are excellent examples of that on graduation speeches. Ed Helms, famous actor, gave an effective speech on the Cornell class of 2014 because he knew who their audience was, he used correctly

  • Humorous Wedding Speech For High School Graduation

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    Hello everyone, and thank you for coming to the graduation ceremony for the CAL Class of 2017. Today is a day of celebration and rememberance as we look back on the strenuous work and the great effort we have all put into receiving our high school diploma. Not only is this a day worth remembering, but a day to spend surrounded by the people that love us most and are here to support our accomplishments that we have triumphed throughout our high school education. Whether those people are family, friends

  • Graduation Speech In Ralph Ellison's The Battle Royal

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    way. When you are growing up you are always told to do as you are told, this is fine in most cases but what if that something is not the right thing for you to do. In The Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison a recent high school graduate has to give his graduation speech in front of all of the communities white leaders. What he doesn’t know is that he is also going for the entertainment of the white leaders. But the Graduate would be a fool to take a beating from the white man and then be rewarded. It all

  • Comparing Maya Angelou's And My High School Graduation

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    example, In the excerpt “Graduation”, from Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing, similarities and difference can be found between Angelou’s graduation and my high school graduation. Maya Angelou’s and my experience with graduation are similar regarding family involvement and nervousness. However, our experiences were very different in the ways others treated the graduating class and the feelings leading up to graduation and the feelings after graduation. Maya Angelou’s family

  • Brock University Graduation Speech Analysis

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    Greetings President Lightstone, Deans, Faculty, and to all the beautiful faces seated before me. Thank you for this nerve-racking, headache inducing, gut-wrenching opportunity to speak to the graduating class of 2015. In spite of the aforementioned pains, I’m compelled to deliver this speech with utmost confidence and such conviction, so that my message could be of great benefit or have most of you here at a complete loss. I shall gain most of your attention just by standing here and admitting that

  • Graduation Speech At Reading Area Community College

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    Good afternoon Dr. Weitz, faculty and staff, family and friends, and my fellow students. It is my honor to be standing before you as your 2017 graduation speaker. During my time at Reading Area Community College I could interact with so many of you through classes, Campus Life and the Leadership Institute. I found that we are a very diverse group of people. We all came from different walks of life. As I stand before you I am the voice of many of those paths. I am a single mother and a returning student

  • Graduation Speech At Hobart And William Smith College

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    I wish to thank everyone for coming out here today: proud parents and grandparents, friends, faculty, maybe some highly confused great grandparents, and a whole lot of hung over college kids. I realize that being asked to speak at commencement is not only a great honor, but also a task that brings with it a certain amount of responsibility. I have racked my brain and heart prior to coming before you today, wanting to say something that was real, something that would actually hold true meaning to

  • Personal Narrative: My Graduation From High School

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    future, but would allow me to reflect on my accomplishments and show appreciation to my support team that had brought me there. Equally full of joy, excitement, and nerves, I could not wait to walk across that stage. I had been asked to speak at graduation, which left me feeling extremely nervous and honored. Arriving early, I walked across the parking lot with my silky black cap and gown neatly folded over my arm. I looked up at the crystal blue sky and realized that today was the day that my life

  • Graduation Speech: Yucaipa High School Class Of 2016

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    I am privileged to be with you today at your graduation from one of the best high schools in the country. I, today am graduating from Yucaipa high school. Class of 2016! To accurately state how I’m feeling is beyond what words can speak. I want to say thank you to all my fellow classmates that worked so hard (or didn’t to get here). Thank you to the administrators that actually worked endlessly this year to help us students graduate on time. Thank you to my family, friends, and teachers (that I actually

  • X Graduation Ceremony Of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

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    Permit me to adopt the protocol that has already been established. It is indeed my honor, and on behalf of the Board of Governors to welcome you to the x graduation ceremony of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. You have anticipated this day with varying emotions; some of you are excited, some anxious and others simply relieved! Irrespective of the emotions stirred within you, you will all agree that today will evoke a sense of pride, a sense of purpose and accomplishment. You have made it! Certainly

  • Humorous Wedding Speech By Winton Woods High School Graduation

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    First, to the those who have made this night possible. I, and all the other graduates sitting here tonight would like to thank the Winton Woods High School Administration, Counselors, Teachers, as well as those from around the district, including the Winton Woods School District Board of Education and Superintendent for the countless nights that they invested in us over the past 13 years. While many times it felt like you were being unreasonable and much harder than necessary, we can see now, your

  • How To Write A Thank You Speech For Yucipa High School Graduation

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    Good evening Yucaipa High School graduates, friends, family, staff, school board members, and administration. I am greatly honored to have been chosen to be the class speaker for perhaps the finest graduating class ever at Yucaipa High School, the class of 2017! As I considered my options for this address, I have decided to share with you events from my life that I hope you will find inspiring, moivational, and perhaps even humorous. So without further ado, I present these thoughts to you(especially

  • The Co-roner: A Short Story

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    Jessica couldn’t believe the past few days and what had happened. As Jessica was about to get in the shower, she could hear her mother in her room across the hall. Jessica was going to show her mom the heels she planned on wearing. As Jessica was walking into her mom’s room, she saw her mom laying on the edge of the bed crying. Jessica didn’t walk in the room immediately, she stood from a distance watching her mom. She could see her mom was maybe in the middle of a prayer. Jessica knew this view

  • Personal Narrative: Jessica Feeney Day

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    5 years had passed since the whole Jessica Feeney thing. We 've elected a new (real) president, I 've become better friends with Courtney, and I 'm finishing my last year at high school. I plan on going to college to be a general surgeon despite hearing all those stories from Jeff. Jeff was liar right? I mean, now that I 've finished 4 years of grueling high school I know the smart people words for what Jeff and my 7th grade class did to Jessica. It was social injustice, but mostly it was just flat