Graduation Essays

  • 8th Grade Graduation Speech

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    Our most appreciated administrators and teachers, dear parents, adored friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant morning to you. It is a great privilege for me to be standing here in front of you to express the happiness that we feel in our hearts today. I am Amal a student who has been going to AIS for 8 years now. They say “Today we learn, tomorrow we lead”. That’s true those three years made a difference. Those 3 years will be a step to the future, a step closer to our goal. We do

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Ed Helms's Graduation Speech

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    effectively most of them use rhetorical enhances communications and presentation skills. Rhetoric is an ancient art which started in Greece but it is still use it now day in speeches on different situations. There are excellent examples of that on graduation speeches. Ed Helms, famous actor, gave an effective speech on the Cornell class of 2014 because he knew who their audience was, he used correctly

  • Personal Narrative: My Graduation From High School

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    future, but would allow me to reflect on my accomplishments and show appreciation to my support team that had brought me there. Equally full of joy, excitement, and nerves, I could not wait to walk across that stage. I had been asked to speak at graduation, which left me feeling extremely nervous and honored. Arriving early, I walked across the parking lot with my silky black cap and gown neatly folded over my arm. I looked up at the crystal blue sky and realized that today was the day that my life

  • Graduation Speech In Ralph Ellison's The Battle Royal

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    way. When you are growing up you are always told to do as you are told, this is fine in most cases but what if that something is not the right thing for you to do. In The Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison a recent high school graduate has to give his graduation speech in front of all of the communities white leaders. What he doesn’t know is that he is also going for the entertainment of the white leaders. But the Graduate would be a fool to take a beating from the white man and then be rewarded. It all

  • Brock University Graduation Speech Analysis

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    Greetings President Lightstone, Deans, Faculty, and to all the beautiful faces seated before me. Thank you for this nerve-racking, headache inducing, gut-wrenching opportunity to speak to the graduating class of 2015. In spite of the aforementioned pains, I’m compelled to deliver this speech with utmost confidence and such conviction, so that my message could be of great benefit or have most of you here at a complete loss. I shall gain most of your attention just by standing here and admitting that

  • Quitting School Research Paper

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    Quitting school was not a big deal for me until I realize all the effects of quitting would bring to my life. At that time I didn’t care. I plan to marry a few months later after my high school graduation. I was happy at the time. ​Quitting school was a big mistake because when I went out to look for a job I couldn’t qualify for any of the good positions because of my lack of education. Instead I took a job as in a fast-foods place where I had no future. Then I went to work in a big company just

  • Steve Jobs Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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    On June 12th, 2005, the late Steve Jobs gave a memorable commencement speech at Stanford University. As the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., NeXT, and primary investor and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, Jobs has been deemed one of the greatest technological and business leaders of all time. Jobs revolutionized the technological industry in a way that not only shaped modern technology, but impacted the daily lives of consumers. Throughout his speech, Jobs appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade

  • Commencement Speech Kenyon College Analysis

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    Throughout reading “Commencement Speech, Kenyon College”, I found this short story very inspiring to read as I found myself doing more research for this essay because I was so interested in it. Wallace was very reluctant to give this speech because he wasn’t sure he was ready to talk in front of 400 graduates and what if what he had to say was ordinary not something that would stick with all these students the rest of their lives. Reading this speech through the first time the tone particularly stuck

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Steve Jobs 2005 Commencement Speech At Stanford

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    Great Storytelling Lu Jia Delivered on a campus in California to an audience of a few thousands, yet it ended up inspiring tens of millions from both U.S. and worldwide; worshiped by Silicon Valley as the ultimate career talk, yet it embodied many aspects of life - chance, love, loss, and ultimately death. Short but smart, targeted yet universal, poignant and timeless – thus is Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford. Some attribute its success to Jobs’ personal influence and charisma

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Nora Ephron's Speech

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    Being a successful , director and writer, Nora Ephron, showcased her skills of being a strong author prowess in a speech read during a graduation at Wellesley College in 1996, she goes on to talk about how the real world is, and everything taught at the college isn’t necessarily facts. The purpose of her speech was to inspire the audience of women to live a little bit contrary to what they were taught and live a life they can be proud and they do not have to cater to their man’s every whim. The author’s

  • Persuasive Essay: Should Students Stay In School?

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    stay in school because they have to work to help out their poor family. Also, forcing students to stay in school when they don’t want to be there can cause problems for teachers and other students. Additionally, raising the age for exiting pre-graduation may not stop all dropouts. Some children cannot either afford to go to school or must get a job to help out their family because they cannot afford transport or food for school. In the first source, Marissa works at Shelly’s Diner to earn money

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of You Are Not Special By David Mccullough

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    “You Are Not Special” presented by David McCullough, Jr. This was a graduation speech presented in front of the graduating class of Wellesley High School. McCulloch presented this informative speech to let all the seniors at WHS what the real world is really like. McCullough goes off stating that this class of graduating class is not special at all. At first you think he is being mean and harsh but he goes on with facts, saying what these students are not special. McCullough uses facts like 3.2 million

  • Jk Rowling Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    Rhetorical Analysis of J.K. Rowling Harvard Speech J.K. Rowling is an author who is known worldwide for her Harry Potter series. In 2008 she was selected to be the honorary speaker at the Harvard graduation ceremony. She makes connections with the audience by mentioning her book, using strategies such as repetition and juxtaposition, and also by throwing the audience into her past where she commemorates the struggles and triumphs she has endured since her own college experiences. She uses her past

  • Scholarships For College

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    Imagine walking across the stage at a high school graduation, and students are excited and elated. They not thinking about what comes next, but they need to because what comes next might shape their future. Some kids don’t try in school, and the kids that do will most likely become successful in their life and their profession. College can help people become successful by teaching them about what the adult world is like. The school work will be hard, but if they try hard people can do it, and before

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Steve Jobs Speech

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    Conrad Hill once said “You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.” Steve Jobs reiterates this during his 2005 Stanford graduating class commencement speech. In it, Jobs talks to the graduates about his experiences and how they apply to the concept of never giving up. By guiding the audience through events in his life, Jobs encourages them to keep moving forward, and to never settle with what’s been given to them. He accomplishes this by asking thought-provoking questions

  • Stephen King's Argument Analysis

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    here. Factual evidence is used when he talks about Maine having no pollution in the air unlike other huge cities such as; New York, Los Angeles, and Denver. Someone who previously spoke to the graduates gave them a list of 10 things to do after the graduation was over and what to do in general with their lives. Since King went to Orono and became a best-selling author, his opinion on this subject is very credible and informed. One of the 10 things was to get out of Orono. He knows there aren't many opportunities

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Steve Jobs

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    Steve jobs, the man of billions. Steve shows us at the graduation speech in stanford, that you make something out of nothing by putting dedication into the thing that you love, and inspires us to follow our dream. We first get introduced to “ connecting the dots “ , in steve’s speech he tells us that you can only connect the dots looking backwards, and everything you you stumble on will be priceless in the future. In his second story he tells us that when you find what you love to do, it’s hard not

  • David Mccullough Speech Analysis

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    Wellesley, Massachusetts among the graduates, close family, and friends. McCullough may not be a professional public speaker, but he is a well-known and respected English teacher at Wellesley High. In his speech McCullough made the valid point that graduation is the beginning of life and the long road ahead. The message from that day became known as the “You Are Not Special” speech, and is found to be controversial but memorable. Although McCullough weakens his speech with the time spent on unrelated

  • Definition Essay On Community Service

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    completed the jobs that has been assign to you and needs to be done in a timely manner . The organization will reward you with Community Service hours for graduation requirement or if you are in National Junior Honor Society you're need more community service hour than the rest of the high schoolers but for non NJHS members in order to graduation you need to have at least 20 hour of Community service hours. I have completed the community services hour by 27 hours of Community service that is on my

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of George Saunders Speech

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    George Saunders, a renowned American writer is a graduate of Syracuse University. So it is no surprise when the University asked him to give the convocation speech to the graduating class of 2013. George delivered an eye-opening and touching speech. The speech is speaking to the graduates, but also to everyone in attendance. It is not your average speech on how to be successful in the real world, but instead, it is how to live a happier life. Saunders reminds us that kindness to others goes a long