8th Grade Graduation Speech

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Our most appreciated administrators and teachers, dear parents, adored friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant morning to you. It is a great privilege for me to be standing here in front of you to express the happiness that we feel in our hearts today. I am Amal a student who has been going to AIS for 8 years now. They say “Today we learn, tomorrow we lead”. That’s true those three years made a difference. Those 3 years will be a step to the future, a step closer to our goal.

We do not need a prize just to prove that we have something special within us. All of us are blessed with talents and are worth congratulating, and this is what this day is all about. How many times have we imagined what this day will be like? I have to say, I have thought about this day so many times I could have memorized every imagined scene. But not even the best of my imagined scenes could compare to the real scene I am greeted with right now.
Do you remember how it all started? On the first day of 6th grade, we timidly went from class to class, hoping that we would be …show more content…

I used to think that going to high school would be scary, but with all my friends and everything that my teachers have taught me, all I feel now is excited. I want it to be the first day of 9th grade fast, I want to start High School. I know that my friends would be here when I need them as well as teachers willing to help me. So it 's time today to end the second part of our education and enter the third. It 's time to leave behind the middle school facility, say goodbye to the U14 teams and be introduced to JV, and most of all, time to go from the middle school community that we 're familiar with, that we love, and that we are in charge of, and go upstairs to the bigger, busier, and honestly, scarier high school, where we will all be 9th graders. But high school is going to be awesome—I 'm sure of that already. And, I 'm sure that we can handle all of it: the teachers, the seniors, and of course, the

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