Essay On Personal Growth In My Life

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The past four years of my life hold both my highest of highs and my lowest of lows. High school can be a very awkward time period in a person’s life. Four years ago, I made the intimidating switch from St. Mary’s School to Algoma High School. There were certain aspects of high school which made me nervous, but academics was not one of them. I learned how to be a responsible student in my earlier years, and school had always come relatively easy to me. As high school went on, the workload grew, but I also grew, so I was perfectly capable of keeping up with the work. This type of growth came rather easy to me. It was important for me to have one thing I could be confident with through all of the drama and chaos in my life. Growing in my community was not challenging thanks to the Live Algoma movement. Our community itself has experienced so much growth over the past four years, which allowed many students, including me, to grow in their community involvement as well. I have always been a rather outgoing person when I am around my peers, but it used to be a different story for me outside of school. I never went out of my way to talk to adults because I had this …show more content…

The members played a big part in this personal growth of mine, as well. I was shocked when random community members would come up to me to congratulate me on a win or ask how the teams are looking. It was important for me to be assured that they care about the things I was doing. These small conversations felt like an invitation for me to start and hold meaningful conversations with adults. Some of the greatest lessons that I have taken from high school are lessons that have nothing to do with the curriculum. Having the confidence to have a real conversation with adults who have experience living through some of the challenges I am going through has helped me to succeed in tough

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