Personal Narrative Essay: How I Want To Change In My Life

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HE called her fat and she froze. He recalls sitting in the same position and staring through her window for well over 30 minutes and she was numb.
Her husband of two years and partner of six, a man that promised to love her no matter her size, in a very judgy tone called her out of her name for a flaw she said he knew she struggled with managing. But Angella says wasn’t angry at him, having endured years of stereotypical adjectives being used to define her.
“The truth is I was 5ft 5 inches at 288 pounds and I struggled with managing my weight all my life. Sometimes I invested in a little programme I self-managed but at other times I just allowed watched as myself pack on the pounds. So ofcourse I was called names. Fatty, cowy, Miss Piggy, …show more content…

Now, 15 months later she is at 143 pounds and is focusing on maintaining it.
“I am comfortable, I feel a lot healthier and I am happy looking with my weight plus I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the wall robe change too. Even though I hate it I am also exploring simple exercises to accompany my new lifestyle plus I need to tone the loose skin because it’s a bit unattractive,” Angella shared.
Angella’s weight loss stunned family members, friends and colleagues especially the fact that she never spent a day in the gym. But could Angella’s weight loss be one off occurrence or does dieting help you to lose weight as fast as any exercising.
“Dieting, at least once a person remains committed to their diet is actually more effective than exercise,” Nutritionist and dietician Jenelle Solomon shared.
“If you were research the two in relation to weight loss you would recognise that weight loss is 80 per cent dieting and 20 per cent exercise. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t exercise because they are on a diet sine exercising can achieve goals that dieting alone will not achieve for example adequate strength, skin toning,” Solomon

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