Essay On Life Changing Events

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Many people face life-changing events and experiences that impact their lives and their countries. Melba Beals from “Warrior Don’t Cry” changes African Americans students’ education. Feng Ru from “The Father of Chinese Aviation” changes his country’s transport. Jackie Robinson from “I Never Had it Made” also makes it possible for African Americans to play professional sports. Melba Beals, Feng Ru, and Jackie Robinson all face life changing experiences that impact not just their lives, but also their countries.
Jackie Robinson faces his life changing event which also impacts his country by becoming the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball so other African Americans can follow. But Jackie Robinson has to face many difficulties …show more content…

In Jackie Robinson’s autobiography “I Never Had it Made,” he says, “I had been forced to live with snubs and rebuffs and rejections” (Robinson). He has to live with discriminations from his teammates, the other teams, and the mobs. Besides this, Robinson also has to be careful of his family’s safety. “There were threats against me and my family and even out-and-out attempts at physical harm to me” (Robinson). From this, we learn that the threats against Jackie Robinson also against his family. These difficulties do not let Robinson give up but tries harder to prove himself so that others will only treat him as a baseball player and neglect his race. He also wants to pave the way for more African Americans to play in the major league. Robinson says, “I was proud to be in the hurricane eye of a significant breakthrough and to be used to proved that a sport can’t be called national if blacks are barred from it.” This quote proves that Robinson wants more African-Americans to play in Major League Baseball, so he tries harder to prove himself. This life changing event helps Robinson learn how to ignore the negative things, focus on the positive things and appreciate

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