42 Jackie Robinson Character Analysis

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“You give me a uniform, you give me a number on my back, I'll give you the guts.” Throughout the 2013 film “42”, Jackie Robinson indeed proves that he has the guts to counter racism in people from all walks of life. Character is the aspect of a person that decides what kind of person he is; it is who he is at his very core, and it affects his tolerance, courage, and sense of justice. Jackie’s dealing with the racism conveys true character, and it teaches the viewer how to behave when put to the test. Specifically, “42” exemplifies true character education in that it depicts Jackie Robinson persisting despite the racial prejudice of spectators, the media, and fellow athletes. First, he ignores the taunts of fans and spectators, who taunt him endlessly like the Nyan Cat played on an endless loop. In one key scene, Jackie’s friend, …show more content…

Every question for Jackie Robinson from the media, is pointed and it’s point is to destroy Jackie Robinson’s career and everything he is trying to achieve. The fact that he has to worry about this outside of being a baseball player is ludicrous and just goes to show what true character precisely is. A person with true character is a person who will not give up or give in even under the most extreme of situations. A person with true character is a person who will keep calm and keep his emotions in check, even when he has every right to tear into the people who did him wrong. A person with true character is a person who will do all of this, to help out people that he doesn’t even know. A person with true character is Jackie Robinson and he is a great role model for everyone going through tough times. This quote summarizes how Robinson was able to deal with the oppressive media “reporter: Whatcha gonna do if one of these pitchers throws for your head? Jackie Robinson: I'll

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