Dumplin By Julie Murphy: Summary

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The book I read was called Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy. The book was about a girl named Willowdean Dickson. She’s not exactly “thin” as most people she’s friends with are. She was always comfortable in her own skin, not caring that she was slightly larger than her beautiful, thin, best friend Ellen. That is, until she started working at a fast food place called Harpy’s. At this job, she meets an attractive young man named Bo, whom she of course, starts to like. She’s not surprised at the fact that she likes him, no, she’s surprised by the fact that he likes her back. This starts to make her feel insecure about herself because she starts to question how an attractive young man like him would like a fat girl like her. So Willowdean does something she never thought she would do. She enters the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet beauty pageant along with …show more content…

Although, I did think Willowdean mentioning the fact that she’s bigger than most was annoying. She didn’t talk about it just once, no, she talked about it throughout the whole story. It just got old. I really liked the fact that Bo genuinely had feelings for her. I enjoyed the fact that he’d always kiss her and give her gifts. I enjoyed how whenever a different girl would ask him out, he would reject them because he was so infatuated with Willowdean, even though he’s only known her for a few days. I didn’t like the fact that Willowdean always rejected him and even started going out with a football jock that was on the bigger side just like her. I mean, really? You clearly have someone who’s crazy about you and you chose the other guy? Shame! The story left me on a confusing cliff hanger which only made me want to read more. I hope the author made a sequel to this story because I hope to find it because the cliff hanger has me on edge! I need more! What happened with Willodean and Bo? Did she win the pageant? What else happened? These are questions I need answers

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