Real Women Have Curves Analysis

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The movie Real Women Have Curves was about a Mexican- American your woman by the name of Ana. Ana struggle to accept the traditions of her family that were heavily enforced by her mother Carmen. Ana has just graduated high school, quit her job, and dreams about attending college. Her mother had a different plan than Ana. After finding out that Ana has quit her job she forces Ana to come work in her sister Estela’s dress factory. Although she went and work in the factory to help out her sister Ana did not give up on her dream of attending college. Without her mother knowing and help from her high school teacher she began to fill out college and scholarship applications. After finally being accepted into the University of Columbia, Carmen takes a stand and make Ana to but her family before college. Ana has more curves than her mother would like her to have. Carmen thinks just because Ana is “fat” she will not be able to find a husband. But Ana is comfortable with her body and encourages the other women in the factory to love themselves for who they are and take chances. That is exactly what Ana did when she finally got her father’s blessing and decided to go to New York for college. In this movie Carmen role as a mother was not what I was used to seeing or having contact with. Carmen continue to criticize Ana about her weight. When I was growing I was told I was beautiful no matter how big or small I had gotten. I would consider Ana to be a rival. Regardless of what her mother said and believe Ana decided that she was going to make her own decisions which is not unusual for young adults that have just …show more content…

I also saw similarities in the rebellious behavior in the young adults Ana and my many young adults around me. In the end the positive attitude Ana had about herself to her to the place she dreamed of and that was

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