Dissociative Identity Disorder Case Study

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The Dissociative Identity Disorder
Frankcheska also called frank was a 17 year old girl with dissociative identity disorder. Dissociative identity disorder is a disorder is when a person thinks their someone else. They have many personalities. They can be thinking their a 7 year old boy and then think their a 50 year old women. Well cheska has 2 different personalities.
Well her real personality was a sweet, brunette, 5’5ft tall seventeen year old girl. Her other personality was caused by the disorder. Her first personality was a jaide a trouble maker, cold hearted, black hair with red highlights also she was 17 years old. Frankcheska was able to control her personalities by taking treatment. It was the first day of school for Frank. Seriously it was her first day ever going to school. She use to be home school for her whole life except for when she was in kindergarten. It was her first day as a senior and frank didn’t really know anyone she was nervous, but happy at the same time. When frank got to her first class she sat next to a girl name marissa. Marissa was a nice girl, she talked to frank right when she sat down. They became friends right away. They were going to lunch and frank saw this guy she asked marissa who he was she said he was a senior and his name was michael. When they finished lunch frank went to her math …show more content…

She covered her mouth with the face mask. Nobody noticed it was her she went outside the hospital. She was free. Franks personality was going to turn crazy if jaide kept appearing. Frank knew that if she went back to the hospital things were not going to be easy it was just better to leave michael and her family. Frank was going to her house to get somethings before they noticed she escaped. Frank grabbed her stuff and left. They never found her until ten years later. She was found dead. Doctors said she caught a lot of diseases when she left.she was dead. She didn't exist

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