Arguments Against Insanity Defense

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BOOM! To the front of the head. In a blink of an eye, she was gone. Betty Williams was a young Christian girl, but she also liked getting people’s attention by doing crazy things. Betty was well known for being in different plays. Betty talked to a lot of different guys throughout high school, but that did not get her anywhere. She had the biggest crush on the high school quarterback Mack Herring. Betty was well known around the school as a “Slut”. Betty was not happy with her life, so she was constantly asking her friends to kill her, but her friends always thought she was messing around. Then she asked Mack, and he had agreed to take her out of her misery. After she was killed, her parents had begun to wonder where Betty went. The police …show more content…

For example, people try using insanity as a defense when being prosecuted in a criminal case. (Math, Kumar, and Moirangthem) It is based on the assumptions that at the time of the crime, the defendant was not suffering from severe mental illness. Therefore, they were well aware that they were committing a crime. Some say an insanity defense is a legal concept, not a clinical one. In some cases, the prosecution has had a hard time distinguishing between people pretending to be insane and the people who actually suffer from insanity. (Math, Kumar, and Moirangthem) Even though it is legal to be insane, do not take advantage of it and go do something you will regret later in life. There is a time and place and there is also a way to act in a public place. Another example that shows that without any mental disability there is no reason to be crazy is having a mental disability or being insane is spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavior patterns. (White). Being insane is a term that a doctor or psychiatrists can diagnose you with; it’s more of a mental disability. (White). If you are not properly diagnosed with a mental disability, then you should not be in a position to have a reason to use insanity as an excuse for bad behavior. Not only are you hurting yourself for being crazy but you’re hurting those around you that care about …show more content…

Insanity is not a valid defense for one main reason. You are either crazy or you are not. In the end, Mack Herring was acquitted for murder. He felt as if he was pressured into doing it and he also thought he was helping her by committing the crime. He pleaded a temporary insanity defense. (Colloff) So what if you think your mental or crazy, using an insanity defense is not the way to go. If you think you’re going insane, get help. Do not use the temporary insanity defense or any other kind of defense to get you out of trouble. You should be accountable for you own

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