Observation Of Anaia In The Classroom

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Anaia is a 4 year old girl with baby blue eyes, and light blonde hair that is thin and cut short. She has her hair in a messy ponytail. Anaia is about the same height or a little shorter than the other students in her class. The location of this observation is in the purple room at the Child Development Center. There is a variety of objects in this location such as: books, toys, blankets, snacks, and much more. D1 What is the situation in which the interaction occurs? How does he/she treat the other children? How do the others treat him/her? The situation that is occurring while observing Anaia is during lunchtime, all the students just woke up from their nap and now they are getting ready to eat lunch. Anaia was one of the kids that didn’t get up right away but once she got up, she was more than ready to enjoy lunch with her classmates. Once she was up and ready she went to sit at the table by herself, then a few of the other students decided to join her. When the other students joined her, she didn’t really acknowledge them. The other students tried making small talk with her but she would only say a couple words and then stop talking to them. Anaia was not being mean to the other students and neither were the other students. D2 What are the nonverbal cues which reveal the emotional …show more content…

The first character that was expressed was manipulation. She watched all the other students get up and clean off their dishes, so she decided to follow them and do the same thing. The second character that I believe she expressed was power struggle or shyness. I believe that Anaia was too shy to interact with the other students in certain situations. For instance, when the kids lined up for playtime and the little girl tried to hug her and Anaia didn’t want to be touched. I think she reacted the way she did because she maybe didn’t know how to respond or just didn’t feel comfortable being hugged by

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