So I Ain T No Good Girl Analysis

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A Critique Essay of “So I Ain’t No Good Girl” “So I Ain’t No Good Girl” by Sharon Flake is a short story about a rebellion teenage girl going through a realistic problem in a relationship. Flake added a realistic setting to influence the relationship between characters, showing someone is a relationship cheating with another person. The teenager is struggling with her neighbors pointing out her flaws; things relating to behavior and looks. But the main character ignored it, continuing to stay with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t end up well when she witnessed her boyfriend cheating at the bus-stop. Flake uses a realistic setting and interactions between characters to portray the scene of the story. The setting sets the location and time of the scene. Throughout the entire story, the setting stays the same. Even though some texts describe the scene switching to other places, it’s always around the bus-stop and those places weren’t where the characters’ interactions developed. “Same corner”, …show more content…

The main character’s characteristics were shown to be rough, violent, loud, and “bad”. In the text, “People say things about me. Bad things. Momma says I give ‘em reason to,” the main character’s reputation seems to show her as a rebel. “’No,’ that’s what I wanna tell him,” shows that she’s blunt and speak what’s on her mind. “I am loud like my mother. When I holler, you can hear me up and down the streets and around the corner”, “She and her friends run to the other side of the street like they being chased by boys with bricks. I’m right behind ‘em, with my fist balled up”, and “’Oh no you didn’t!’ I say, digging my elbow into some girl’s stomach. Slapping my hand up against another girl’s back, trying to get to the front of this thing,” shows that she’s loud, violent, and rude toward the

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