All Girls Must Be Everything Analysis

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Throughout this chronological telling of Tina Fey’s life in Bossypants, much is argued. With the help of evidence and appeals of many forms, along with certain stylistic choices and organization, they are supported and explained. Many times in Bossypants Tina Fey talks about how different and difficult it is to be a woman in the TV and comedy industry and the expectations of what women should be and how they should act. Many different techniques are executed to do so, and they all work in conjunction to make sure most aspects of what she claims is supported.
The most prominent argument in the book is that women have so many expectations of how they have to be. In the chapter “All Girls Must Be Everything” there is a lot that shows this. She makes long lists that explain what a woman ‘needs’ to be considered perfect. That chapter is a very important one, because it looks over and examines …show more content…

While now we might look at the references and see them as dated, they still work. In “All Girls Must Be Everything” she makes many references such as to Disney princesses and past celebrities. Saying “Can you remember when pop culture was so white that Jaclyn Smith was the chocolate?” (22). Using references to pop culture, former and current, she can explain and support an argument. What happened in past pop culture is undeniable, and it is definitely evidence. When she was talking about the expectations of beauty for women, references help solidify her point that they are subjected to certain requirements.
Appeals are a technique used very often by the author, and something that cannot be overlooked when doing an analysis of this book. Tina Fey uses appeals to manipulate the reader into thinking what she wants us to think. Among the ones she uses are appealing to a sense of humour, making herself relatable, and also making the reader feel angry with

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