Tina Fey Essays

  • Tina Ffey's Book Bossypants

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    Tina Fey’s book Bossypants caught many by storm. This amazing comedian started from the bottom and worked her way to the top. From working at a theater to becoming one of the best to appear on one of America’s favorite television shows Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey has become one of the biggest women’s advocates. This came immediately after Mrs. Fey released her book Bossypants. In this book, she discusses many lessons and past experiences with her audience. From her childhood to her celebrity life

  • Gender Inequality In Tina Fey's 'Introduction'

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    Tina Fey uses generalizations about race, gender, race, and sexuality to satirize the double standards women and minorities face in daily life. Fey’s awareness of gender inequality is evident in her use of satire when discussing what she imagines to be her readers reasons for buying the book. The second paragraph of the “Introduction” is Tina Fey addressing those who bought her book “for practical tips on how to make it in a male-dominated workplace.” She gives her readers the following list of instructions:“No

  • All Girls Must Be Everything Analysis

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    Throughout this chronological telling of Tina Fey’s life in Bossypants, much is argued. With the help of evidence and appeals of many forms, along with certain stylistic choices and organization, they are supported and explained. Many times in Bossypants Tina Fey talks about how different and difficult it is to be a woman in the TV and comedy industry and the expectations of what women should be and how they should act. Many different techniques are executed to do so, and they all work in conjunction

  • Mean Girls Research Paper

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    Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post writes that it "boasts a one-two-three punch in star Lindsay Lohan, screenwriter Tina Fey and director Mark Waters, and, indeed, it delivers a knockout". Critics praised the screenplay highly, with Peter Travers of Rolling Stone calling it "comic gold." Rotten Tomatoes named Mean Girls in its 'Top 50 Greatest Teen Comedies,” in November

  • What Is Fahrenheit 451 Reflective Essay

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    Reflective Essay on Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury, The author of the book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ used and mentioned things that are related to nature and things that are related to water which basically is under the nature topic. I have read online that Ray Bradbury loved nature and he included nature in the majority of the books he wrote and he also has a known pretty long quote about nature too, but in this book the nature is different. The nature in this book isn't the nature everyone else would

  • Mean Girls Stereotypes

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    Throughout high school, I noticed a strange behavior among teenaged students; they tend to form groups. During lunchtime, these groups or cliques are more prevalent; you can see the freshman guys sitting with each other, the football players, the cheerleaders, the senior “nerds”, the international students and the outcasts (aka that was me), the people who sat alone or the people that you would not find at the cafeteria tables. These cliques are not only common at my high school where I used to attend

  • Bossypants Business Analysis

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    ‘Inequality promises that it's here to stay. Always trust the injustice 'cause it's not going away.’ – Lilly Allen (Allen, 2013) Hello, I’m Thomas Brooks and this is Literature Links, todays focus is Tina Fey’s autobiography Bossypants and its representation of women and sexism in society. Bossypants follows Fey as she reminisces about her childhood and the experiences that led to her “15 minutes” in Hollywood. Fey’s experiences within the film and television industry provide the primary narrative as she

  • Saturday Night Live Summary

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    The Appropriation of Mainstream News speaks on the use of television and other entertainment devices to talk about the political and social issues. It is an important part of the media today and enjoyed by millions around the world. Saturday Night Live has been around since the 70s and like any show has had its ups and downs over the years but over the years’ election season has become a popular time for the show. It allows viewers to see a new side to the news. Several newer shows have sprung up

  • Summary Of Mean Girls Film Analysis

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    SOC 306I March 12, 2016 Film Analysis: Mean Girls SUMMARY The movie that I have chosen to write a Film Analysis on is Mean Girls, which stars Lindsay Lohan and Tina Fey. The film tells the story of a girl named Cady Heron (who is played by Lindsay Lohan) and her family whom just moved from Africa to the U.S. Cady was homeschooled for nearly all of her life until she came upon her first public school; Northshore High School. As she starts her first days of schools, she finds herself with

  • Single Women Misconceptions

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    Single women Stereotypes and misconceptions have been apart of our society for the longest period of time. They are used everyday in life. Even though some of them are true, they can still be taken to offense. Misconceptions are what form stereotypes. They are often misleading and are based on bias opinions. Due to the lack of knowledge society has, they often judge a person or group before they get to know them. This is where the misconceptions and stereotypes tend to begin. As society’s perspective

  • Characters In Mean Girls

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    In the movie Mean Girls the main Character whose life is the narration of the movie is Named Cady. She was born and raised in Africa, but has now moved to the suburbs in Illinois. Kate’s character begins as being the new girl who knows nothing about social groups and has no friends, to then being apart of “the plastics”. The “plastics” is a group of four girls who are know as the most popular and prettiest girls in the school. The head of the group is named Regina George who is a beautiful blonde

  • Powqqatsi Ignorance

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    “All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure” (Mark Twain). Powaqqatsi is a movie directed by Godfrey Reggio which demonstrates the change from the ignorant, old and traditional ways to the knowledgeable, newer and industrial lives in Third World countries. The movie, despite the absence of words, characters, or plotlines, shows the changes that occur when traditional ways are pushed aside for a “better” industrialized life and people are forced to conform to these new ways.

  • Mean Girls Film Analysis

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    The movie Mean Girls show exactly how mean high school girls can be. There are three main girls in this movie. Cady heron who get mixed in with the popular crowd, Janis Ian who used to be friends with her nemesis Regina George. All the girls struggle with wanting to be the best in the school and later learn that that is not what high school is all about. Cady Heron was a 16-year-old girl who was homeschooled. She spent twelve years of her life in Africa. Cady’s junior year her family and her had

  • The Plastics, And Social Psychology In Mean Girls

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    The film Mean Girls is an American comedy movie for teens that illustrates the mainstream high school experience in the west. The main character, Cady Heron is a sixteen-year-old girl who is a new student at bob school in Illinois. Cady moved from being home-schooled in Africa, and therefore is unaware of the environment and lifestyle at a public high school. Cady then meets Daemon and Janis, who are part of an outcast group. Janis and Damien expose Cady to the norms of their school, talking her

  • Mean Girls Conflict Theory

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    Over the weekend I was watching Mean Girls for another class actually, I realized that it is a perfect example of conflict theory and how it works. Within conflict theory the elite, bourgeoisie has all the power and takes advantage over the lower class people, there always creating conflict between the two classes with each other over jobs, money, resources and more. because of this ongoing conflict, social change is really needed. Karl Marx, his theory of conflict contributed to the central workings

  • Feminism In Mean Girls

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    Mean Girls is your classic high school drama movie. Its about how the new girl at school named Cady Heron joins the popular group called “The Plastics” to sabotage them. Cady becomes friends with a gay guy and his best friend, which they then convince her to join “The Plastics” to ruin their reputation at school. The high school is filled with many tight knit cliques that consume the whole school which they try to get rid of. The plot of the movie involves many things that a feminist might find offensive

  • Hate Speech In High Schools

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    As a child, the first amendment was one that I practiced often. My mother told me that I had never met a stranger, and I had the true gift to gab. However, it was not until my later years of high school that I truly got an in-depth meaning of this amendment and the power that it truly held. According to the Power Point provided to us, the First Amendment, states that we have the freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition (Constitution Power Point Slide 6). These five categories may

  • Bring It On Movie Analysis

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    Bring it On: All or Nothing The film I chose to watch is the third installment of the Bring It On series, which are all mostly unrelated stories loosely held together by the thread of cheerleading as a main plot point. I went with the third movie, released in 2006, because it attempts to have something to say about race, and was actually written by a black woman, though whether it survived rewrites and succeeds or not is to be questioned later. The basic plot is that the lead character, Britney

  • Typical White Girl

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    Why do we have stereotypes like the “typical white girl?” Most likely because of the movies, TV shows, and books that portray middle to upper class teenage white girls as “basic.” If we did not have entertainment forms depicting all white girls who like Starbucks as typical white girls, I may not have been called a typical white girl by random guys when I got coffee at Beta Convention. I mean, since when was coffee deemed only for teenage white girls? Whatever made someone look at a blonde and say

  • Plastics In Mean Girls

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    Every High School has Mean girls, but not all high schools have the plastics.Mark Waters famous teen-comedy film, “Mean Girls” was released on April, 30, 2004. As you can infer already the movie is most likely about Mean girls. “Mean Girls” is about 3 girls, also known as the plastics who were the most popular girls in school. Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith were all best friends at Northshore High school, known as the plastics. Their biggest secret, was the Burn Book, which they