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For the parent-child interaction observation, I decided to use my community park as the public setting. My observation consisted of watching the interaction of a mother and her two sons, who seemed to be twins around the age of six or seven years old. I observed the interaction from afar without them being aware that I was observing, which allowed me to note a true naturalistic observation without manipulation of the situation. The setting of the interaction was a community park, where a mother and her two sons of Indian ethnicity, were approaching a basketball court area. The mother began to strap a helmet on one son because he was about to ride his bike, while the other son was walking alongside them holding a basketball. The mother then goes to sit on a bench as she watches her two sons play and looks at her phone. She yells out to the boys that they have ten minutes to play and explains they have something to do afterward. Then the mother goes to shoot the basketball with one of her sons, aa her other son falls off the bicycle. She approaches him and removes the helmet from his head and gives it to the other …show more content…

The mother’s tone of voice was very friendly towards her kids, but also stern and firm when needed. When it was time to get onto her son or teach him a disciplinary lesson, the mother’s voice began authoritative. This was showing enough authority as a parent to control her kids if needed, but also playful and loving enough to have a proactive time with her kids. The content of the conversation between the mother and her kids was kept to the minimum, since they were more playing together than talking. The non-verbal communication between the mother and her children was the physical activities they were interacting in together. She was playing basketball with her son, creating an active atmosphere of bonding with

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