Interview With Child Observation

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Erica is a science teacher at a high school. She is also a meat lover and dines at every restaurant that contains eggs, chicken, beef, and pork. A new restaurant opens and she is willing to try the food. The beef and pork combination she ordered had an unusual taste and was not cooked enough, but she dismisses it and continues eating. She finishes her meal, pays the cashier, and leaves the restaurant. A few days later, Erica feels sick from the food, decides to go to the restaurant, only to find the restaurant temporarily shut down. It has been reported that the food had been contaminated with salmonella enteritidis, and suspects that a certain number of customers have been infected. An interviewer asks Erica her opinion about the food she ate from the restaurant, and is immediately concerned for her well-being. Erica leaves the scene and decides to go to another restaurant, but finds herself too sick to go. She goes home and eats a homemade meal. …show more content…

She rarely leaves her desk unless it is lunchtime or the school day is over. Fortunately, she has student aides for every class, so they do the heavy work for her while she can lecture her students. On the weekends, she is at home resting, and her daughters are helping and taking care of her. She learns that salmonella does not need treatment, and the her body is capable of fighting the disease. Two weeks later, Erica fully recovers from the disease. She notes that she was to recover sooner, but it may have been delayed because she did not rest while she was at work. She is now cautious of the food she eats, and asks questions whenever she orders any type of meat when she dines. She also tells her students about the salmonella case and how she recovered from her point of view. Fortunately, all of the other customers are recovered from the disease, and the restaurant is reopened and the food is properly checked and free from

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