Child Development Observation Paper

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During this developmental interview, I chose to conduct an observation/interview study with my one of my cousin’s child. This child is a 4 year old girl and will be identified as “child K” in relation to her first name. Her parents had no problem letting me interview her, but I had them stay in the same room as us. The purpose of this interview was to observe the child’s physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development. I observed her behavior and gave her several tests to show how well she has progressed. The first part of the study involved observing child K’s motor and fine motor skills in her home. First, I would observe her motor skills. To get her more excited, I decided to play with her and her sister. At 4 years of age, child K should be enjoying the movements of hopping, jumping, and running while be more adventurous than they were at 3 years of age (Santrock, pg. 158, 2012). Obviously, at age 4, she has already learned how to walk and run on her own. She was very active in active in her activities. She loved running around when we were playing tag. During tag, she tried running away from me in adventurous methods such as climbing or jumping over the …show more content…

She has shown positive results in physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development. Her motor and fine motor skills are developing properly, her cognitive mind is at the preoperational stage common for children her age, and she has shown to be comfortable with separation and emotions. On a personal note, I really enjoyed this time to play and learn about child K. From my experience with child K, I learned that how accurate growth development concepts can be. It’s like we have figured out the algorithm of how humans develop. It’s likely that child K’s current attitude is the result of her experiences growing up and the care her parents have given her, but only time will tell if her development continues to be healthy as she grows

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