Early Childhood Observation Paper

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On Wednesday, March 15th I went to Christ the King to observe a child in preschool. The child I observed was a female and she was four years old. While I was there I observed her physical development, social and emotional development, thinking skills, and communication skills. For physical development, I observed her gross and fine motor skills. Her gross motor skills included her gait, balance, running, and picking up toys. Her gait was smooth and effortless. She had good balance and ran with control. She was able to pick up large toys from the floor without falling over as well. These are all expected findings for gross motor skills as a four year old. For fine motor skills she colored, stacked blocks, and matched shapes. Her coloring …show more content…

She named common objects, such as house, ball, doll, chair, and table. She knew right from wrong. When she got up from her seat early without being dismissed the teacher called her out and she immediately sat back down. She was also able to tell me that nurses work with doctors and in doctors offices. Her cognitive skills were sharp. All of these things that I observed are expected findings of cognitive skills at four years of age. She was developmentally appropriate for her age in cognitive skills. Lastly, I observed her communication skills. Her speech was understandable about 90% of the time and she used complete sentences. Her sentences were around six to seven words in length and she was able to tell me stories. She told me a story about how she went to the dentist and he cleaned her teeth. These are expected findings for a four year old. She was developmentally appropriate for her age in communication skills. Using Erikson’s developmental stages, the basic conflict for preschoolers is initiative vs. guilt and important events are exploration. The child I observed took initiative while playing with toys and participating in activities. She also explored by trying new games that she had not played before. The child’s overall development was appropriate for her

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