Analyse The Role Of Effective Communication For Children

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James is a calm and happy child who attends Balmain Cove ELC for two days per week (Thursday and Friday). He loves being around by his educators. He always smiles in response to his happiness and satisfaction. EYLF Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity James builds attachments with her educators as he always has a smile on his face when his educator approaches him and interacts with him. When he is upset, he will feel better if his educator gives him a big cuddle and sits with him for a while. He builds a sense of belonging and establishing relationships with other children, evidenced by his attendance at group times, music times, meal times. He shows interest in other children and being part of the group by observing them and copying what they do, for example, he is learning to wipe his hands before meals as he sees all his friends doing it. He interacts with his friends as well as sit along side his friends in a small group enjoying plastic blocks together. He feels relexed and comfortable exploring the environment in the room. …show more content…

He confidently explores physical environments, at free play, he often crawls everywhere in the room to explore the surroundings. He is learning to feed himself and plunge his whole fist into the bowl of food, which is a wonderful sensory and development experience. James starts to imitate the actions of his educators and friends like wiping hands, clapping hands, waving hands. EYLF Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of

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