Interplay Between Fear And Foresight In Janette Turner's Walking On Water

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What does Walking on Water suggest about the interplay between fear and foresight when individuals make life altering decisions? Fear and foresight are both thoughts that can be detrimental to an individual if balance is not achieved; living too much in fear causes doubt, causes anxiety and can overwhelm individuals. Looking into foresight to often can also be detrimental, if you are always dreaming, planning about the future, how are you going to get anything done? Stuck too far ahead without challenging the things that need to be done now can leave individuals severely underprepared when facing challenges or decisions. In the short story “Walking on Water” by Janette Turner Hospital the author explores the problems that arise when an imbalance is created; through James, the author allows an insight for how one may achieve this balance and how it can affect your life. It is necessary for individuals to find a balance between their fear and their foresight in order to live a life where they are satisfied with their choices.
Initially, James has a successful, confident, life. He has a solid family at home and lives a relatively normal life. We can tell that James must have a solid family because even between moving countries because his dad is in the military he is still playing on the school basketball team and seems to fit right in. We can tell he is a valued member on the team when he considers “pulling team players rank” to get Stuart in, This demonstrates that he is a

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