Amiable Coaching Leadership Style

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James appeared to need coaching at work. He gives the impression to be uninterested and unengaged. Managers had been over heard discussing his lack of organization and discipline at work. James was a very productive and effective employee under a different manger so he could be receptive to coaching. It is very important that the right coaching style be chosen for James.
Coaching leadership styles were. Developed in 1960 by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard in the late 1960s (Coaching Leadership Style, n.d.). “Coaching leaders clearly define roles and tasks of followers, but seeks their input and suggestions too. Decisions are still made by the leader, but the communication style is truly two-way” (Coaching Leadership Style, n.d.). James …show more content…

Amiable coaches excel in corporate cultures. It comes natural for people with amiable personalities instinctively focus on the other person. As an amiable coach, the coach would focus on two things: people and comfort (Clemmons, 1995). “They are superb at building and maintaining relationships because they make people feel comfortable” (Clemmons, 1995).
An amiable coach would encourage James to be more of a team player. Amiable coaches establish a trusting relationship with employees. This style of coaching listen to and counsel the employees. Give them reassurance that they are meeting your expectations, that they are appreciated and valued as a part of the team (Managing and Coaching Different Personality Types, n.d.). “While most people are quickly drawn to Amiables, they don’t necessarily buy from them” (Clemmons, …show more content…

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