Elon Musk Leadership Style

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1.1 ELON BACKGROUND OF MUSK Elon Reeve Musk is a Canadian American businessman, engineer, and innovator born in South Africa, June 28th 1971. Elon Musk is one of the most notable innovators of the 21st century. Elon’s academic achievements in regards to higher studies began with 2 Bachelor’s Degrees, 1 in physics and the other in economics, and he would, soon after, enroll in Stanford university to begin a PhD. However, Elon dropped out of the course after a mere 2 days in order to pursue entrepreneurial activities in the fields of sustainable improvements in standards of living, space exploration and much more. 1.2 MUSK AT TESLA Musk began his involvement in Tesla (at the time, Tesla Motors) in 2004. At this stage he was…show more content…
ANALYSIS OF LEADERSHIP STYLES AND MUSKS’ LEADERSHIP STYLE 2.1 Introduction to leadership An effective leader is someone who knows how to inspire and relate to subordinates, knows how to increase the employees’ motivation and make employees loyal to the organization. (Alkahtani, 2015) Leadership style is the approach an individual use to steer people in the direction that they are going in. Analysis has identified a range of leadership styles based on the number of followers. the most applicable leadership style depends on the operate of the leader, the followers and also the situation. 2.2 Different types of leadership styles Leadership plays a vital role in order for an organization to succeed, by effectively managing and controlling employees the type of leadership style. The most universal leadership styles concern transactional, transformational, laissez-faire, democratic and authoritative. These styles are widely applied in different organizations…show more content…
Employees are allowed to make their own decisions but the leaders are still responsible for the final outcome. It is because of employee confidence that there is no requirement for central coordination. More recently, Judge and Piccolo (2004) indicated that that leaders who scored high on laissez-faire leadership scales avoid making decisions, hesitate in taking action, and are absent when

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