How Did Nikola Tesla Contribute To Immigration

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There are approximately 37,000,000 legal immigrants in the U.S as of 2000(The Facts on Immigration Today: 2017 Edition)
--an alltime high--. Many have made huge contributions to the culture of America. These immigrants have added trillions of dollars to the economy and have created millions of jobs. Immigrants to the country are backbones of innovation in the United States. They have influenced technology, science, and the economy in only positive ways. Some of the things immigrants have helped with are the development of science and technology. Key figures in this could be Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Einstein is a world renowned scientist and has come up with various theories making the universe easier to understand. Tesla helped perfect …show more content…

His work is crucial to the way electronics function today and has been a one of the most beneficial scientists of his era. Tesla made A/C, alternating current, relevant making electricity more common use. A/C is used in almost every form of technology, from phones to computers and light. Many of his inventions have also changed how technology has evolved over the years. Tesla played a key role in x-rays and believed that everything around us is there we just need to create devices to understand it(The 10 Inventions of Nikola Tesla That Changed the World). This further supports why NIkola Tesla is an immigrant who changed the country while maintaining his integrity through tough times.
Tesla has also changed the way the economy works by helping create several new markets. The biggest being the electrical market. Many companies could be included in this market, for example: General Electric, Apple, Microsoft, etc. These corporations have provided thousands of jobs and have boosted growth in our country exponentially. His influence on the modern economy is extraordinary considering he lived during the 19th century. Tesla work as an immigrant is numerous and he is well deserving of the credit he receives for changing the

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