Servant Leadership Style Essay

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There are different leadership styles that can be employed in different situations depending upon what you want to achieve. There is no one “right” leadership style. Styles will vary from project to project and from group or team efforts to individual efforts. How you persuade, direct, plan, and motivate people depends upon your leadership style. Leadership style also combines certain traits, skills, attitudes, and behaviors. Hence, different styles are used according to the situation. It is important that as a leader, you know when to mitigate your style to fit the situation. Problems occur when a leader settles on a style that they’re comfortable with and continue to use the same style, over and over again, regardless of whether or not it is appropriate.

As you read through this section, be mindful that my aim is to give you the tools to be a more effective leader. You will learn to augment or blend new approaches
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They tend to share power and help people improve and perform as highly as possible. Servant leadership seeks to have everyone involved, to work as a team and not be in position to control activities and/or people. Nelson Mandela is an excellent example of a servant leader who put the needs of others before his own.

Task-oriented leaders focus on completing the task or series of tasks at hand. They are concerned with finding technical and step-by-step procedures necessary to achieve the task. Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for his work in the Prairie school. He designed over 1,000 buildings. TRANSACTIONAL LEADERSHIP Transactional leaders focus on the role of controlling, organizing, and producing positive results. This style of leadership is to clearly define goals and objectives for followers. Followers’ main duty is to obey the guidelines of the leaders. Leaders believe rewards
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